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Have You Tried the Jade Roller or Gua Sha for Anti-aging? Check Out the Other Jade Roller Alternatives that Are as Effective!

The miraculous benefits of the Jade roller have been doing rounds for quite some time now. Is it really the ultimate skincare tool ever? It is a great thing, but there are other popular antiaging tools jostling for primacy along with jade rollers. Each one offers numerous benefits, right from smooth skin to wrinkle-free skin. All these tools can promise aesthetically pleasing benefits, one better than the other. Take a look at some of the alternatives to the ubiquitous jade roller here.

Eye Flowies

If you want to treat your puffy eyes, you can try the Skin Gym’s Eye Flowies. These are made of rose quartz crystal and can target the tender under-eye skin. The benefits of this product are enormous. It not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also lifts and tightens the area around your brow.

Hence, on the days you are sleep-deprived, this tool can particularly come in handy to make you look fresh. You can start the skin treatment with your cheeks, under-eyes, and brows. It creates a light gliding motion that moves upwards towards your ears. You need just two minutes for each one of your eyes. Your under-eye skin area is often a dead giveaway of your sleeplessness, signs of aging, and more. Thankfully a tool like this can fix it in a very short time.

Kansa Wand

The Kansa Wand is an ancient Indian approach that helps massage your skin with a Kansa wand. The face-massaging tool is made of wood, copper, tin, and zinc. The secrets of the Kansa wand are steeped into the traditional wisdom of the Indian healing system, Ayurveda. The Kansa massage is not only a great anti-aging tool but is also great for lymphatic drainage and can be greatly beneficial for your full body.

Gently move the wand in circular movements over your jawline, neck, eyes, and forehead. The repeated movements can also get rid of the tension around your temples and jawline area. You can use it over a facial oil as it boosts circulation and gives you clear, plump, and smooth skin. Kansa in Ayurveda is considered a sacred healing material and can also balance the chakras, the Indian idea of spiritual centers in the human body.

Ice Roller

Jade rollers have a cooling effect on your skin as you apply them all over your facial skin. However, the coolness of the tool dissipates as the stone gets warmed up with body heat. If you want to retain the coolness of such a tool, you can try another roller which can be as good. It is the ice roller. It looks similar to a jade roller but is made of high-quality stainless steel to keep it cold as you roll it away on your skin. It offers many benefits as it reduces inflammation, itchiness, redness, and puffiness.

It is particularly useful after a skincare treatment, such as Botox or laser, as they may cause redness and irritation. It can also be used after waxing and post-menopausal women can use it to relieve hot flashes. It is a handy tool for days when you feel hot and bothered due to physical discomfort. Apply light pressure and allow the movement to relax as you roll it on your skin. Just the act of applying pressure on certain parts of your face repeatedly can be pretty relaxing. Since it is cold, it is supposed to be more potent and effective.

Crystal Wand

Skin Gym’s Crystal Wand, made with clear quartz, rose quartz or black obsidian, can enhance your skin health and ward off negative energy – all in a day’s swish. It is a relaxing roller that can alleviate facial tension because of its angled edges.

It’s a perfect beauty tool and the fact that it is so handy makes it more effective. Just slip it in your purse and you are good to go.  Use it while you are in your office or at home. Basically, whenever you feel tension creeping over your neck and face. Use it as a massager to ease away muscle tension as it can instantly relax them. It also causes your skin to glow and acts as a preventive action for warding off wrinkles.

Use these tools regularly to improve your skin health, ward off wrinkles and maintain youthful-looking skin.

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