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How To Relax Your Tired Eyes

These days, exposure to gadgets and especially screens is quite common. Whether it’s the PC or laptop at home or the workplace or TV screens from time immemorial- your eyes are likely to be strained after a hectic day. We know that dependence on screens has increased manifold. Does that indicate we stop working or cut off all such cable and internet connections for entertainment purposes? No! The good thing is that solutions are present to help your eyes relax and feel rejuvenated. Here’s how.

Close Your Eyes And Rub When Closed

At frequent intervals, close your eyelids tightly. You can do this while sitting up to prevent yourself from falling asleep. Keep the eyes closed for a few seconds and open quickly. Repeat this process at least thrice or five times. Now extend the duration and hold the pose for about a minute.

Focus on deep breathing and relax. In addition to this, rub the tired eyes when closed very gently using your fingertips. Then cover the eyes with your palms. The rubbing method works wonders in eyes’ relaxation, as the complete darkness effect soothes the eyes.

Use Your Palms To Apply Natural Heat To The Eyes

Since eyes are quite sensitive, never apply any external heat to make a noticeable impact on your tired eyes. Just rub the palms of your hands (ensure you clean your hands thoroughly before doing this) so that friction is created, and then put your warm hands over the eyes when closed. This natural heat is important to relax, soothe, and calm down the eyes. Remember that unclean hands can spread infections like wildfire!

Practice Relaxation Eye Exercises

You can try some eye relaxation exercises using the trial and error method. For example, try blinking. After prolonged hours before a computer screen that can strain the eyes considerably, practice blinking for four or five seconds. Then roll your eyes. Close the eyes, and keep rolling the eyeballs in all directions.

This is akin to a massage and proves beneficial for the tension caused in the eye muscles. Another quick thing that you can try is ‘visual scanning.’ If you focus on close-up objects for long hours, divert the attention by looking at different corners of the room or around you and carefully note the visual details.

Limit Screen Time

Call it the culprit or villain- but screen time is what we all blame for the rising cases in eye-related issues. From the mobiles to tabs and computers, TV and ant another gadget, there’s excessive pressure caused to the eyes due to staying glued to these screens. To reduce the excessive detrimental effects of the screen time that we have trouble avoiding, you can try positioning the screen a little lower and keep an anti-glare or anti-reflective screen or use similar spectacles that would diminish the strain caused to your peepers. Find alternatives like reading paper books and magazines instead of relying on iPads, Kindles, and more.

Wash Your Eyes As Much As Possible

There’s nothing as natural as washing the eyes with cold tap water. Start your morning doing this, possibly once while you’re taking a break at work or when you feel your eyes have been strained a lot and definitely in the evening or night when you’re back from work. Splash water directly, or take water in your palms and rub your eyes using it. Another thing that you can try doing is applying cold cucumber slices on each eye and keeping them for about 5 or 10 minutes. Cotton pads dipped in rose water also induce a similar relaxing effect for the coolness it offers.

Take Breaks

With too much computer works piled up through the day, all these must take a toll on your eyes. As much as it’s difficult to escape the pressure of working for long periods, what you can do is take a walk around during lunch and allow your eyes to look around and focus on all things natural, instead of the screen in front. If continued eye strain bothers you, don’t fall back upon OTC medications. Consult your physician or resort to immediate medical help if necessary. That way, you can reduce the risk of strain on your eyes and relax completely.

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