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Are You An Overthinker? Here’s How You Can Meditate And Relax

Being an overthinker has its perks and downsides. You might find yourself battling with the issue of constantly trying to turn off your head. However, these continuous, restless, and intrusive thoughts don’t seem to end. So even when you feel like setting aside time for yourself, there will always be an influx of thoughts, worries, and concerns in complete stillness.

It would cause innumerable difficulties in attaining mental calm. During these moments, meditation works wonders. While the idea of shutting down your thoughts and relaxing seems exciting, it might not be easy. Engaging in meditation seems quite relaxing and rejuvenating to everyone, but obtaining that state can be tough for those having such ‘overactive thoughts.’ However, you can try these strategies to make meditation a success story for you.

Take Others Along

Though meditation is largely a personal act, having the right company can accentuate willpower. Most instructors advise how ‘collective energy’ acts as a powerful mechanism. So when you tend to meditate with your partner or your buddy, the experience is undoubtedly amplified. Also, imagine you staying stuck in one thought process, which diminishes when you have your friend along.

Most people have admitted how having someone along actually helped them come out from the usual negative energies and reconnect with themselves, realizing how life is much bigger than what they thought.

Stick To A Consistent Schedule

Like any other good habit, practice is the way to become perfect when calming our thoughts. Ensure you fix a proper time of the day to train your brain on adjusting to the schedule and when you should rest. To derive the best mental health benefits from meditation, being consistent is the key.

Not that you have to be rigorous in marinating your schedule but make the best attempt to stick to it. Meditation ideally shouldn’t have stringent rules and regulations. Fix an appointment with a practitioner and find out which will be the most appropriate time of the day that you can devote.

Build A Meditative Space

The physical environment goes a long way in determining how successful you’ll be regarding the output of the meditation practice. Instead of visiting the center or clinic, curate a pace inside the home. That can be a quaint little space or create one with a proper chair, keep some scented candles, have a favorite image in the background, and you’re good to go!

With time, you can associate yourself with this spot. The serenity of your meditative space is something that will stay with you even after you finish the meditation. And that is how you can clear your head from all such unwanted thoughts and energies. Additionally, you can keep a light instrumental piece of music or dim those lights and have comfortable cushions around that would always reflect positivity.

Meditate To Recordings

A good guiding voice in the background will automatically stimulate your brain cells and help you gain the ability to focus, thus keeping intrusive thoughts away. Guided meditations are the best things you can bring to achieve all such benefits that you would normally not find in an otherwise silent atmosphere.

This works on the principle of activating your sympathetic nervous system, boosting the mood, decreasing heart rate and stress response, and also lowers your blood pressure. You can select any recording or a video or an audio clip that would be in sync with your personal goals, like anxiety issues, sleep patterns, or mere concentration. Since there’s no shortage of such apps and options, you can take your pick likewise.

Virtual Mode Is Equally Good

Resorting to virtual meditation means including immersive technology in your practice. You might wonder if meditation is about unplugging, then this seems a tad counterintuitive!

Try strapping any wearable or sizable device to the body, like the face, and select your visuals like sunny beaches or peaceful forests, and so on. These keep external distractions at bay, and this helps quiet your mind. VR headsets are a little expensive, so if that’s beyond your budget, check out YouTube videos.

You can incorporate all these together or one at a time. And you can be sure that you will notice positive results within a short span. However, make sure you do not give up on these habits as soon as you see results. It will help if you embrace these relaxation techniques as your way of life.

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