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Housework Could Be the Most Relaxing Part of Your Day – If You Let It!

You will never look at housework the same way again. For most folks, the daily grind of washing dishes, sweeping up the floor, and doing the laundry isn’t the highlight of their day. Housecleaning is usually looked at as an ongoing series of neverending chores. We bet you don’t know of anyone who simply relishes the task of mopping the tiles or scrubbing the countertops, but maybe it is time to be that person. Cleaning is about monotony. There is mindlessness to it that, combined with its repetitive nature, makes it the perfect candidate for therapeutic healing.

Here’s how you can make housekeeping a relaxing ritual in your life:

Kitchen Sink Meditation

Rushing through that pile of dirty dishes will probably make you wind up spending more time at the sink cleaning up broken glass. So since doing the dishes is something that will take up some time, use it as a meditative task! After all, you don’t need to spend much more than a tiny fraction of your attention span to wash a plate or some glasses. Use your time at the sink with the steamy water and soapy suds to refocus your mind. The clink of dishes in a sink will become relaxing and rather attractive after getting into this habit!

Enjoy Cupboard Control

Life is full of many things that are completely out of our control. We can easily grow overwhelmed by unpredictable changes in health, home, and family, and let’s not forget our careers as well. The coronavirus outbreak is teaching us that our entire lives can turn onto its head by forces completely outside of our influence. However, this means we can appreciate the things that we do have control over. These are things like your desktop, closet, pantry, or your underwear drawer. Enjoy keeping these areas clean and tidy can help you make sense of the world and relish the sense of power or control you have over some aspects of your environment.

Scrub Away Your Stress

We all feel overwhelmed by anger, sadness, fear, or some other unidentifiable negative emotion that threatens to break free from you. When you don’t know where to direct your negative energy, look no further than a dirty project.

Whip out some gloves, arm yourself with detergent and a scrubber. You can dive into a greasy oven, am overgrown garden, or a musty old rug. You can positively use your negative emotions. Fuel your action and deep clean your home while benefiting from some therapeutic healing! Afterward, relax with a cup of tea.

Practice Gratitude as You Tidy Up

As you go about the house and tidy up your things, get into the habit of being grateful for each of the things you are wiping down, dusting off, or putting away. Whether you are neatening the bedroom, the kitchen, or the living room, practicing gratitude for the house you live in, and all the items you own is an excellent way of shifting your mindset about cleaning as well as helping you feel better and more content about your life.

Purge the Trash

When we say trash, we mean the physical dirt in your home and the emotional dirt in your soul! There are few things that are better than spending the day cleaning and then sitting back and relaxing, knowing that your home is spotless!

Keep this satisfaction and feeling of bliss in mind as you get through the housework. When you are taking out the garbage, recycling waste, and removing the dirt, visualize yourself taking out all your negativity with the junk as well! You will be so relaxed afterward, and it will be incredible!

If you don’t believe that cleaning has the potential to be a relaxing activity, you can consider that throughout the many changes in your life. The one thing that remains constant is your chores. You may have juggled careers, had people coming in and out of your life, and maybe even moved house a couple of times. However, there was always dirty laundry and dishes to wash and cleaning to do. Cleaning can be the task that gives your life congruity and relaxation in that familiarity. Let’s take advantage of it!

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