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Here’s How You Can Relax Without Sleeping

Often you get so stuck up in your busy schedule that you hardly have any time to sleep. On those occasions, you can either take a power nap of twenty minutes or get engaged in an activity that helps your body to relax. Sometimes you choose to stay awake until you find an appropriate place to catch forty winks. Irrespective of which option you opt for, you need to seek out a quiet place that’s also safe for you. If you decide to stay awake, you need to ensure safety and peace in the place first. Below are some effective ways in which you can relax without sleeping. Choose any one that suits you best.


Meditation is actually doing nothing but deriving all the benefits that you get from your deepest sleep. You get the chance to relax without sleeping off. When you are overburdened with work and can’t take time out from a tight routine to doze off for a while, just meditate. Among its host of benefits, meditation relieves you from contemplation, concentration, seeing, listening, tasting, smelling, etc. You can calm your mind down through meditation, as well as let go of all your stress and anxiety. For maximum benefits, try to sneak out twenty minutes in a day for meditation. Close your eyes and let yourself be free.

Allow Your Mind to Wander

With the advent of modern technology, you have hardly given your brain the break it requires. Allowing your mind to wander, which is also called zoning out, is an exercise with the help of which you can relax for a short period of time without sleeping in between your busy schedule. When you are eager for a break, just walk over to a nearby window and take a look at the people or cars passing by. Try to forget about everything else and keep looking at the outside world until nothing crosses your mind. Also, for a break you can lookout for a quiet place, sit down, and close your eyes. Just focus on the noises like the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves in the background. If you are thinking of having a cup of coffee or a smoke, chuck that idea from your mind. Instead, spend some fifteen to twenty minutes outdoors. Close your eyes and expose your body to the sunshine for a brief period of time and while you do that it will refresh your mind.

Intentional Resting

You can plan an intentional resting anywhere, whenever you feel like it. If you are having a tight day and feeling too tired to continue, re-energize yourself by taking a short break. This particular method is effective for many people since they decide to rest intentionally without attempting to resist it in any way. Intentional resting makes you feel energetic and you feel charged up as your stress levels are alleviated. Resting is necessary, especially when your body is asking for it and you are not being able to give it that. Go for that much-needed break and leave the work aside for that intentional rest. Without sleeping, you can enliven yourself.

Passive Sleep

Have you ever heard of paradoxical intention? Do you know people who experience sleeping disorders can experience worry and anxiety? Thus, the purpose of paradoxical intention is to get people with sleeping disorders to sleep, but passively. That is, going to bed, but staying awake rather than falling asleep. When you try to keep your obsessive thoughts under control they kind of keep on increasing. Therefore, trying to sleep becomes tougher when you try harder. Hence, the idea is to try not to sleep so that it leads you to eventually fall asleep. As per experts, if you try out the opposite way of accentuating the issue, it will instead get reduced.

Muscle Relaxation

The process of muscle relaxation is all about tensing and relaxing every muscle group in your body. Progressive relaxation of muscles can alleviate muscle tension, and along with that, reduce anxiety and stress. If you have been for working long hours every day and not getting enough time to rest, stretching and relaxing your muscles can be a very effective way to let go of all the tensions that have been arising within your body.

Taking a walk for some time or getting involved in an activity that you like are definitely two quite effective techniques that can help you relax without sleeping. These are some ways to relax without sleeping. So try them out!

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