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Bursting Bubble Wraps and Other Quirky Activities That Can Help You Relax!

Our bodies are in constant flight stress mode, and while it is almost impossible to eliminate stress from our lives completely, we can react to stress in different ways. While it is always good to practice relaxation techniques such as mediation or yoga, you may not always sit down to practice the same.

There are, in fact, lesser-known activities and quirky gadgets that can change the way you respond to the stress around you and help you relax in an instant. You may have heard about fidget spinners that help bust the stress. But there are other such easily available stress busters that are as effective, if not more! So, here are several ways to get into zen mode under five minutes.

Calm Yourself with a Giant Stress Ball

Do not underestimate the power of a giant stress ball! They are special pliable foam rubber, also popular as closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. This rubbery material can make you punch or squeeze it and moderate the stress response in you. It is especially useful when you are in a greatly hyper mode. It is one of the best ways to squeeze and punch the stress out and away.

Relax With a Lava Lamp

The lava lamp is another great relaxation device that comes with pleasant-to-the-ear calming sounds of nature. What’s more, it can be as calming and relaxing with a surrounding beautiful design and sound. Yes, it seems to be the perfect antidote to stress and something to come home to after a stressful day at work.

Snap, Pull, Mold Squeeze with a Bucky Ball

These buckyballs are nothing but magnets that can help snap, pull, mold, squeeze, and snap them into various shapes. It’s one of the best ways to relieve stress and acts as a great way to distract you.

A Massager that Busts Stress

Massages work great for curing headaches.  It stimulates the nerve endings in the scalp. When you have a splitting headache and you cannot get any relief from the regular humdrum treatment options, then this is one of the best side-effect-free hacks you can try. This buzzing treatment will help you get rid of headaches and beat any stress you may be going through then.

Bursting Bubblewrap Keychain

If busting bubble wraps was your favorite pastime when you were a kid, then chances are it may come to your aid when you are an adult as well.  Mugen Puchipuchi bubble wrap key chain is modified and gives you a perennial supply of regular bubble wrap.

But what can you do when there is a lot of stress at the end of your bubble wrap? It would help if you started bursting the Puchi Puchi bubble wrap key chain. The best part about this is it is a pocket-sized device, and it has eight bubble wraps, so you can continue to pop it till you feel your stress disappears into thin air.

Squish Slime to Bust Stress

Ask any child, and they would tell you that playing with the ugly-looking squishy little slimy slime is their idea of pure and unadulterated fun. Adults may not like it much, but they can change their minds if they use it as a stress buster. Slime videos can work as a great de-stress tool too. The squishy slime ball keeps your hands busy and adds to the fun quotient that much more. You can say goodbye to anxiety with this amazing stress-buster tool.

Drive Away the Stress Blues with Adukini Light By Mathmos

The Adukini light is another way to help you relax and feel good. The gadget turns on a shimmery light when you put off all the other lights and cycles through the entire color spectrum.

It is a relaxing sight, especially when you have been hard at work at your computer. Adukini Light offers visual solace after being hard at work at your gadgets all day.

Stress can overwhelm you at times, but the idea is to go ahead and relieve with simple hacks and use these cheap gadgets. Also, sometimes doing something non-sensical and fun is just what the good doctor ordered to relieve stress. Try them out, and let us know whether they worked for you.

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