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The Best Mattresses You Can Buy For Pressure Point Relief And Ultimate Relaxation

Choosing the right mattress for relaxation is a daunting task. Most of us have woken up with backaches, shoulder and joint pain at some point in our lives.

Selecting the apt one is also a challenge as something too soft or too hard can aggravate pressure points. Hence, the best thing you can do for yourself under such circumstances is to invest in mattresses that will provide perfect relief.

Best Hybrid Mattress For Pressure Points

Saatva Classic Mattress: The perfect combination of memory foam and coil spring system, Saatva Classic is a hybrid mattress with pillows made of CertiPUR-US certified foam.

This one is available in three firmness options: this one is the best fit for those battling with hips, back, and shoulder issues. As a result of having two heights’ options- users can select the most appropriate one, as per their sleep position.

Best Foam Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Nectar Lush mattress: For hot sleepers, the Nectar Lush mattress works best. Thanks to the CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and a coating made of gel, the mattress is the best option for regulating body temperature. Since the foam is high density (going by company claims), there’s a possibility of the mattress supporting pressure point relief too.

Best Splurge-Worthy Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress: Regardless of how you sleep, this design reduces your body aches and pains will reduce to an all-time low! Instead of foam, Casper Wave contains gel pods. It offers spinal alignment and doesn’t allow the person sleeping on it to sink every time. It has a hybrid design that blends triple-layered perforated foam along with springs for airflow maintenance and lifting.

Best Foam Mattress For Active Lifestyles

Zoma Mattress: If you are craving a good night’s sleep, Zoma Mattress should be your pick. Layered with gel, it acts on the pressure points as it cushions and functions perfectly for the body without letting the ‘sinking in’ feeling creep in. The base is high-density and allows good spine alignment, which works wonders for hips and shoulders.

Best Flappable Hybrid Mattress

Idle Hybrid: What’s best about Idle Hybrid is its ability to be used on both sides alternately. Naturally, this prolongs the overall life span of the mattress too. You can choose any firmness level for either of the sides of the mattress, sans extra cost! In case you’re a little unsure about what would best for you, resort to the company’s recommendations about the ideal pick.

Best Organic Mattress

 Avocado green mattress: An eco-friendly choice, the mattress comprises natural wood cushioning and latex rubber foam. It meets the much necessary federal safety standards for organic and ethically sourced GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified wool. This one is a favorite for those who wish to stay away from chemical flame retardants.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress For All Sleepers

Leesa Legend mattress: Four layers of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, double-layered pockets springs, and micro-coils. Leesa Legend guarantees complete comfort. The upper layer of medium-firm foam helps in contouring the body to relieve pressure points. The hypoallergenic cover is replete with merino and cotton wool. Overall, the mattress renders good support, irrespective of the position one sleeps in.

Best Foam Mattress For All Sleepers

The Purple Mattress: Made in the US with only non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials, the CertiPUR-US certified mattress has a foam base that works on the pressure points to aid the body and sleep patterns. Above everything, the mattress keeps an individual comfortable through the night.

Best Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress: It has double-layered CertiPUR-US certified adaptive foam that offers optimum comfort and support. This mattress consists of cooling gel beads that stack when pressure is applied to offer add-on support. This one also has a graphite option, which takes away body heat.

Best Hybrid Mattress For Couples

The WinkBed: WinkBed is what you would need for a perfect night’s sleep, from relieving joint pressure to aligning the spine and diminishing muscle pain. The hybrid design has effectively blended steel pocket springs and gel foam, ensuring no motion transfer, even when the person next is a ‘restless sleeper’!

With so many different kinds of mattresses available, decision-making can’t be a cakewalk. Talk to a therapist to know which kind of mattress is ideal for you before you go shopping.

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