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Try These Five Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Over the past few years, a lot of people are talking about their mental health. While it is, to some extent destigmatizing the issue, there’s a long way to go. Despite celebrities and professionals talking about emotional wellbeing, most of them are clueless on how to work on their mental health. So, here’s a quick read which will help you build your emotional wellbeing in five simple steps. Make sure you start practicing these and not just limit it to something you know!

Have Some “Me” Time

Catching a break from your busy life and focusing on your mental wellbeing can go a long way. Every day, set aside an hour or half an hour to focus on yourself. You could spend this time in meditation, listening to music, lying down, or doing absolutely nothing.

Enjoying the solitude is the way to start embracing the real-self! As we are constantly distracted by all the gadgets and technological rush, it gets difficult to get some “me” time.  And remember, there’s nothing selfish about wanting to spend some time alone and away from all the madness.

Get off the Screen

While watching that extra episode of the series you’ve been binge-watching might look like a good idea, it’s not! Research shows that excessive screen time has links to depression and mood swings. So, instead of watching Netflix all night long, you could read a book, color, or pursue a hobby. This digital disconnection and new routine will immensely help your mental health.

Talk About Your Feelings

This is one of the most underrated ways to treat mental health issues. If something is bothering you or bringing you down, make sure you talk it out. You could find comfort in the arms of a family member, a dear friend, or even a book. But make sure you vent out your feelings and let the words flow out. Catharsis is what your aching soul needs, and it benefits your mental health immensely.

After all, we pay hundreds of dollars to our therapists to just listen to what we have to say right. So, that should be having an impact on our mental health. So, why not make it a practice in your daily life to keep the mental health woes away!

The Mental Health Diet

Take a break from everything that stresses you. This doesn’t have to mean packing your bags and leaving to a far off place. Make it a practice to identify what’s wearing you out emotionally and try cutting it out of your life. Think of this as a diet for my emotional wellbeing. Just the way you cut down on food that isn’t good for your health, cut down on things, and move away from people who are not good for your mental health. This is going to be the toughest task to do. But then, it comes at the cost of building your emotional wellbeing, so it is worth it.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep deprivation leaves you feeling cranky and tired all day long. Besides that, it also has an impact on your mental health. So, hit snooze on all your social commitments and make time for yourself.

Let your body and mind reset and be ready to face all the new challenges that live throws your way. Making sure you get that eight hours of sleep every day will save you many trips to the doctor and the psychologist! While it might not be the one-stop solution to all your mental and physical health problems, it will speed up the healing process.

Besides these, you might also have to make minor lifestyle changes like cutting down on alcohol, reducing work hours, and embracing a healthy lifestyle. For instance, regular exercise builds oxytocin or the happy hormones in the body, which is beneficial for the overall wellbeing of a person. However, the one thing that’s more important than all these pointers is to know when you need help and ask for it. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with needing help from a mental health professional! So, confide in your loved one and take help if you think you cannot handle this any longer!

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