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Sandra Oh Narrates a Traumatic Experience After ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Success

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans were heartbroken when Sandra Oh, who played Cristina Yang in the hit medical-drama series, exited in the season 10 finale. That’s because it wasn’t hard to love her and her character, and although it wasn’t her first foray into acting, she did become a household name after she landed this role.

Traumatic Experience

It was the series that ultimately catapulted her to another level of stardom and Sandra is not blind nor insensitive not to notice this. In a recent interview, the actress reminisced about her 10 years on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and divulged how her daily life changed once she became a popular name in the industry.

People recognizing her in the streets and common places became a ‘traumatic’ experience, Sandra shared. At the time, social media is not utilized as frequent now, but the actress said that paparazzi were definitely hounding her back.

PopularImages/DepositPhotos — Sandra is happy that her role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is done

Unlike other actors, the hunger for fame has never been her focus. Contrary to what others say, it can be destabilizing to lose anonymity on the road to success in this entertainment industry, Sandra hinted. However, she argued that it can be different for every person.

Adjusting to her new life became difficult, so much so that Sandra had to seek professional help. She attended therapy sessions just to help her course through overloaded attention. Fame may be what people aspire to get, especially in this business, but for her, it was stressful and would need a lot of things to be sacrificed.

No Regrets

Despite the fame she gained from the series, Sandra doesn’t have any regrets about her role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Even though there was a high and stressful workload in the show, it was not enough to make her feel remorse toward the longest-running primetime hit.

ABC — Sandra played Cristina Yang for 10 seasons

Sandra admitted that she doesn’t regret any of that because she made it happily through. If anything, she is more than grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity she was given.

The Fate of Cristina Yang

Despite her fans wanting Sandra to come back to the show, the celebrity said that the public shouldn’t get their hopes up. She may be appreciative of her ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ stint but that doesn’t equate to her return.

Bossmoss/DepositPhotos — Shonda Rhimes created the show

However, she did express her intention to come back for the series finale – if it feels right. Sandra said she and creator Shonda Rhimes previously talked about this opportunity, although she maintained that there would be no pressure.

In another interview, Sandra said she wouldn’t go back to the show anymore because she plans to stay on ‘Killing Eve.’

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