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How To Improve Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that’s increasing in popularity in today’s professional world. You might wonder why is emotional intelligence so important at the workplace. To explain in simple words, emotional intelligence is not similar to a trend. There is statistical evidence that employees who have higher emotional intelligence contribute more to the companies than anybody else. Increased productivity and higher sales figures are some of the outcomes. If you are working in a competitive environment, you must develop your emotional intelligence to enhance your success. Otherwise, you will be counted among the mediocre. Following are some effective ways that can help you improve emotional intelligence. Check them out.

Assertive Communication

Communicating with people assertively helps you earn respect from your peers. You don’t need to be either passive or aggressive. You just have to be assertive. People with high emotional intelligence are well aware of how to put forward their opinions and requirements directly without hurting anyone’s sentiments or disrespecting others.

Don’t React but Respond to Conflict

When there is a conflict, it’s pretty normal to be angry and have emotional outbursts. Those who are emotionally intelligent know the value of staying calm when the situation is stressful. They also know that coming up with certain impulsive decisions can create bigger issues that can sometimes go out of hand. Resolving the conflict is their objective and they make sure that whatever they speak and whatever they do at that point of time sits in alignment with their objective.

Active Listening Skills

While conversing with others, emotionally intelligent folks prefer listening to speaking out of turn. They need clarity. Before responding to anything, they would try to fully grasp the essence of the discussion. The non-verbal details are also of utmost importance to them. Failing to take proper notes of the entire conversation can lead to misunderstandings. If you are emotionally intelligent if you would first let the speaker finish first and show respect to them when their turn comes.

Stay Motivated

Motivation is a great tool when one is hungry for success. Those who are emotionally intelligent stay motivated round the clock and also motivate the others around them. Motivation is also important when there is a goal to achieve or at times when there is a tough challenge to counter.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is one of the most priceless skills that one can have to achieve success. If you have a negative attitude towards almost everything around you, it rubs on to those who work with you. Similarly, you can get affected if you have someone with a negative attitude around you. People with high levels of emotional intelligence gauge the moods of their co-workers and don’t let negativity affect them. These guys always maintain an optimistic outlook and don’t let negativity spoil a good day. Meditating, keeping positive and inspirational quotes on your desktop, praying, or having good food can help you move forward with a positive mindset.


Emotionally intelligent individuals are aware of their own emotions and have a level of intuition working. They always try to gauge the emotions of others and also try to study their body language. These guys utilize the derived information to improve their own communication skills.

Ability to Handle Criticism

If you want to improve your level of emotional intelligence, you have to learn to handle criticism. People with high EQ neither get angry, defensive, or offensive when they face criticism. Instead, they try to understand the source of the criticism, how can it hamper their performance, and what are the ways through which issues can be fruitfully resolved.

Have Empathy with Others

For high EQ folks, empathy is not a weakness, but emotional strength. Having empathy for others is helpful when they try to connect with people. It leads to an improved level of understanding between people who think differently and creates opportunities to show mutual respect.

Leadership Skills

People with high EQ levels are good leaders. They set an example for others with their leadership skills and also take their performance to a higher level. Aside from leadership skills, they have the potential to solve any issue that might crop up at the workplace and take the right decisions at the right time.

If you understand basic human psychology, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to imbibe these skills. To some, these skills come naturally. For others, it isn’t that tough to develop them.

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