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Here’s How You Can Kick Start Sound Mental Health in 2020

Summer is usually the best time for most people to take leave from work. They can grab some excellent opportunities during this period to perform activities of their choice and follow new patterns to bring their health and lifestyle back on track. For maximum people, the activities might include boosting mental and physical health since being in the pink is imperative to perform well at the workplace. However, you don’t need to wait for summer to boost your mental health. Here are some activities that you can undertake to kick-start sound mental health this New Year.

Embrace a New Habit

Christmas is a time when you can’t refrain from joining the celebrations and gorge on some delicious platters. You fail to keep track of how many calories you are adding on. Hence, it’s pretty normal for you to go on a guilt trip. As a result, the gyms witness huge turn-ups and new membership sign-ups every January. The aim is to shed off those extra pounds that you have piled on during the last week of December. Who wouldn’t want to make a new beginning while the New Year kicks in? However, even though you have all good intentions and start hitting the gym regularly, you start facing the music. The reality of a hectic life hits you hard, and dropping in at the gym becomes occasional.

It’s not only about you. This happens with almost 54 to 55 percent of people who had been regular members. When it comes to exercising, you must find out something that you like and continue with it. According to many, the holidays are probably the best time of the year when you can imbibe the habit of exercising. While most of you love to make New Year resolutions before the 1st of January, you fail to sustain. Remember, being healthy is not about intensity. It’s the continuity that matters at the end of the day.

Choose a New Hobby for Yourself

What better ways can you think of when you aim to utilize your free time and freshen yourself up amidst a hectic lifestyle? Having a hobby is, without an iota of doubt, one of the most effective ways to unwind yourself. If you don’t have a hobby, then develop one. There are a lot of options which can catch your fancy, such as going outdoors and doing something constructive, reading books, listening to music, learn a new language or skill, etc. Spending some time on your favorite activity can prove to be refreshing and can perk you up in an instant.

Indulging yourself in a particular hobby is a great way to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Hobbies can be of two types – the physical activity type and the quiet type. Hobbies that can make you physically active include getting involved in some outdoor activities or play a sport. The quiet type usually comprises playing chess, collecting stamps, painting, and stuff like that. Hobbies are known to have a relaxing as well as a meditative aspect and can be helpful to overcome the stress that you go through in your daily life.

Get Good Sleep

A hectic lifestyle and the stress and anxiety associated with it can deprive you of sound sleep. Taking an ample amount of rest can get difficult. Holidays are a great time when you can hit the bed and catch up on some good sleep. However, experts suggest that oversleeping is not suitable for you. Instead, try to stick to the original sleeping pattern that you usually used to follow, only if they are right for you.

The holiday period seems to be the ideal time for most people to go out, stay up late and party, eat and drink without any restrictions, et al. Consequently, all these have a detrimental effect on your sleeping pattern. Try to continue with your regular sleeping pattern. There is no need to deviate from it. Sleep and mental health have a reliable connection. Sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day can be sufficient to boost your mental well-being.

With New Year knocking at your door, try to bring in all the positive changes in your life in 2020 and try to stick to whatever resolutions you have taken for yourself. Good luck.

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