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Here Are The Best Remedies and Supplements to Relieve Symptoms of Depression

People suffering from depression can feel like they’re hopeless and almost always don’t feel like their efforts to get well are scratching the surface. Finding the will to continue getting up and following the advice of medical experts are huge leaps but there are simple remedies you can try to help with the problem.

Just a note: alternative treatments aren’t best for everyone, so it is always best to talk to your psychiatrist/psychologist about other means. For those with mild depression, some remedies can work, but you should consult your doctor first – here’s what you need to know about this:


This B vitamin is essential for proper neurological function. Apart from supplements, it can also be found in eggs, grains, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables.

A 2005 research found that folic acid can help reduce symptoms of depression, although Dr. Michael T. Ingram insists there should be more studies to back this claim up and to know the dosage effective in dealing with the mental health problem.

AshTproductions/Shutterstock Folate can be found in dark green leafy vegetables

Generally, around 7.5 mg to 15 mg per day is safe for most people. However, the expert advised to have your B12 levels checked first.


These fatty acids are vital elements in our cell membranes and are one of the building blocks for fats or lipids. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help relieve depressive symptoms in kids and adults.

Marian Weyo/Shutterstock Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in salmon

A 2014 meta-analysis saw how omega-3 fatty acid supplements can aid in relieving depressive symptoms but Michael pointed out it still needs further research. Another research done in 2008 showed that it is unlikely to help reduce bipolar disorder symptoms but suggested that it can improve depressive symptoms.

Although there is a growing number of studies on the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on patients with depression, they remain insufficient. It may help those with mild cases but not those with severe mental health illness.

Michael also does not recommend using omega-3 fatty acids as a first line treatment for depression but for those with a minor case, he suggests taking one gram of the supplement or eating salmon and other fatty fish.


Sam-e, or S-adenosyl L-methionine, is typically found in our bodies and supplements. There are studies that show that this compound can help relieve symptoms of depression.

New Africa/Shutterstock Sam-e supplements were found to relieve signs of depression

A 2010 study that looked at patients suffering from depressive symptoms despite taking antidepressants found that those who took the Sam-e supplements experienced a decrease in symptoms. Although experts remain baffled as to how this compound works, some people believe it silences specific genes involved in the breakdown of hormones related to the regulation of mood.

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