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Five Reasons Why Baking Should Be Your Go-to Method of Relaxation

Whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen not only cater to your taste buds but has the potential to improve your mental health. Baking is therapeutic and can help ease away your depression and also anxiety. It is a wholesome way to help improve your mood. Baking conjures up the images of the amazing Julia Childs experiencing the many joys of baking and cooking. There is magic in the combination of butter, flour, eggs, and sugar. Nothing seems and looks and smells as delectable as the aroma of freshly baked cake coming straight out of the oven.

When you bake, you won’t realize how quickly a chore becomes a thing you enjoy. The entire act of putting together ingredients brings a sense of achievement, affirmation, and sense of taste. Imagine yourself to be in a very bad mood, and you start baking a batch of cookies with a vengeance. And by the end of the relaxing ritual, when you dig your teeth deep into the chewy, gooey chocolate biscuits, you forget all about your bad mood. Such is the magic of this beautiful chore, or should we say therapy.

And if you are health conscious and would not be keen on using white flour or refined sugar stuff, you can easily make it more healthful. All you need to do is incorporate a low carb flour, say almond flour, millet flour, swap the refined stuff with cane sugar, jaggery, or even stevia or date syrup, and voila, you have a healthier version of the staid cake.

Cooking Is Like Meditation

You cannot bake half-heartedly. Baking is something that engages your whole attention. The repetitive affair has a meditative effect on the brain. Something as humdrum as adding butter and sugar, whisking eggs, going through the process of beating, and folding creates positive thoughts in your mind.

And that, in turn, drives away the negative thinking processes in your mind. Another way of doing it is to combine the beauty of music and baking. There is nothing as calming, therapeutic, and as effective as baking on to the beats of your favorite music.

Baking Incites the Senses

The feel of the flour, the whirring of the blender, and that beautiful aroma wafting from your kitchen can incite your somnolent senses. No wonder it leads to the production of feel-good endorphins. Numerous CEOs and CFOs agree with us when we say that they have a challenge relaxing after a stressful day at work.

Just the whirring, whisking sounds can help them relax and forget their good or bad day in an instant. Something productive as baking can be a better option for relaxing than catching up with your favorite sitcom on TV. Gadgets can make you feel too wired and tired.

Appeals to the Soul

Baking, like any cooking or food preparation, helps nourish our starved souls. To get the most of its varied benefits, you can make an extra effort to bring out your whole awareness. And it brings together the healthy ingredients and pours your love into the baked goodies.

Increases Creativity

Psychologists say there is a strong connection between creative expression and bring overall wellbeing. So, you can try and make your recipe better than the one you follow in the recipe book or TV. Frost it pretty or present it so well, that it becomes too good to eat.

Plate it take an Instagram-worthy click, or don’t just do it for yourself, and you will come out of the entire process smiling. You can make your accessories color-coordinated and pretty. We know a certain baker who found happiness by co-ordinating her outfits to the cake-stand to her nail polish. Yeah, you think it is too much? Even if it is, it gave her indescribable joy, and who are we to take away her happiness?

Increases Happiness

One of the best things about baking is that you can share your creations and make other people happy. As you see, happiness breeds happiness. It’s a win-win. Send your favorite chocolate cake to your neighbor who is a bit under the weather. We bet just looking at your freshly baked goodie will help her/him beat the illness.

A cake-a-day can beat the blues away! Next time you feel angry, irritated, anxious, depressed, try baking! And don’t forget to let us know if baking works for you as it works for us!

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