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Here Are Some Benefits of Niksen – The Art of Doing Nothing!

Our generation is perennially wired and tired. We juggle three or more things physically one at a time and countless things mentally. Multi-tasking may be our forte but it may have some pretty bad side effects on our health. The only way out is to take a break, slow down and enjoy a few moments of doing absolutely nothing, yes not even scrolling down your phone. By the way, scrolling down your social media feed and nursing a big cup of coffee is still not doing anything, you have to stop doing anything to reap the benefits of Niksen or the art of doing nothing. Considering the side-effects of burnout in a pandemic, we need to take some help from the Dutch and adopt their concept of Niksen.

The Dutch are often regarded as the happiest and healthiest people in the world, and this is mainly because of the practice of Niksen, which involves, yes you guessed it right, doing nothing. With the world driven by consumerism and productivity, this may seem like an alien idea for most people, but something which we need to take up to survive the competition.

The Concept of Niksen – The Art of Doing Nothing

The term Niksen is derived from the Dutch word ‘niks’ which means ‘nothing’ or do something without any use. With so many people on the verge of burnout, in our quest to become more productive, we have been counterproductive. We have even put our mental and physical health at great risk.

Why Is It So Hard to be ‘Lazy’ Once in a While

Most people think that doing nothing may well mean being lazy, and may even be irresponsible or equate to wasting time. As a result, we experience a feeling of guilt.

The feeling of guilt may then prompt us to work doubly hard to prove to the world that we are not lazy. In today’s world, it becomes increasingly difficult to not give in to the number of distractions surrounding us, making the act of complete unplugging impossible.

Niksen Reduces Stress Levels

Most often, we are extremely stressed. There are innumerable health risks associated with high-stress levels, and it may even lead to chronic conditions such as heart diseases and dependency on certain vices. Niksen asks you to take a moment to pause or reflect, as you distance yourself from the anxiety and anything that causes it. It can even reduce high-stress levels and give you a chance to look at the issues from a calmer perspective.

It Can Boost Your Creativity

Authors go about enjoying their long walks because it improves their creativity. Sometimes just doing nothing can boost your creativity more than you thought. Research says that a wandering mind can equate a creative bent of mind, as it looks for its stimulation techniques.

It Can Help Resolve Your Problem-Solving Techniques

When you clear your mind you can organize your thoughts better, which can help solve your problems more effectively. When you are relaxed, you get great clarity of thought and are also not too burdened by the constant clash of ideas. You have time to focus, reassess and solve your problem much more effectively.

Amps Up Your Productivity Levels

Doing nothing can help boost productivity. This is mainly because when you overwork yourself, you need regular breaks in between to rejuvenate your body and mind. This will help equip you better to complete several tasks.

You’ll Be in a Happy State of Mind

British Journal of Psychology released a study sometime back, explaining how people who spend more time alone, doing nothing can actually be happier and may even feel more fulfilled in life.

The Practicing of Niksen

If you like the idea to take a break, breathe and just not do anything, basically practice Niksen, then it’s important not to feel too guilty about it. You need to make yourself understand that you are not lazy and somewhere you are doing your mental health a favor. You are prioritizing your mental health and believe us, there is no question of harboring any feeling of guilt because of it.

The next time you lie down on your armchair, instead of looking at your mobile, look at the clear blue sky instead, or the twittering birds, or even find out how red is the rose blooming on your terrace.  Believe us, there is no better feeling than this.

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