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7 Simple Healthy Habits You Can Add to Your Self-Care Routine

Many people think that healthy routines and habits can be time-consuming. However, we owe it to ourselves to take care of our minds and bodies. It can be challenging for those who live busy lifestyles, but the good thing is that there is a way around it. Experts recommend these simple, easy-to-do habits to help you achieve holistic wellness and make you feel and look energized.

Get Quality Sleep

According to O’Connor, the body can recover and heal itself more efficiently when we are asleep. It’s not surprising since sleep is one of the most fundamental activities for humans. Nutritionist Julie Fishkin says that adults need around 7 to 8 hours of sleep. 

Adults need around 7-8 hours of sleep

Walk More

The recommended daily step count for most is 10,000. However, Dr. Martha Gulati, the editor-in-chief of CardioSmart of the American College of Cardiology, said that we spend too much time sitting. Try to switch up your daily routine with bits of changes like parking farther down the street or the lot, getting off the bus a stop earlier, delivering your message personally, or taking the stairs. The key is to find opportunities to squeeze in some workout time.

Drink More Water

Most people don’t drink enough water. And no, wine or coffee don’t count. The alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you instead. For fresh-looking skin, flushed-out toxins, healthy bowel movements, and healthy muscles, make sure to drink enough water. Investing in a cool water bottle that you can take to the kitchen or water dispenser can make you feel inspired to drink more.

Consume at least eight glasses of water a day.

Spend Some “Me” Time

For Alison O’Connor of Pure Yoga, spending alone times can benefit your mental health. Let yourself get away from modern-day distractions, work, or anyone who demands something from you even for just a few minutes every day. Make your self your priority.

Make Home-Cooked Meals

Personal chef and fitness instructor Alyssa Gagarin says that cooking your meals at home can be a creative avenue and can save you some extra funds. This way, you can also monitor your intake better. Load up on veggies, fruits, whole grains, and more while you’re at it.

Cooking your meals can be therapeutic and can save you some money.

Practice Deep Breathing

Allot at least 60 seconds to take deep breaths to calm yourself. You can attach this to another habit that is already part of your system, like turning on your computer or checking your emails. Dr. Gulati says that these periodical pauses and deep-breathing can help you cope with stress.

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good

Stylist Carrie Greenberg of Forever Freckled says that looking good affects your confidence and happiness. Even if you don’t have new clothes, you can repurpose old pieces. What’s important is that you wear something that makes you feel great every day.

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