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How To Calculate Your Health Insurance Premiums

Gifting a secured future to your loved ones has probably been one of the major goals of your life. For that, laying your hands on proper health insurance is necessary. Injuries, ailments, and other unforeseen conditions might crop up at any point in life, and you need to be ready for them. Instead, you should have the perfect plan to cope up with unpredictable situations.

A health insurance cover provides you with financial protection from unexpected medical bills. If you want to receive the benefits, you would have to shell out the premiums regularly. A few health insurers have tried to elucidate the entire procedure of paying premiums and make it easy for you to calculate. How? Find out.

Online Premium Calculator

An online premium calculator is an online tool to estimate your premium costs free of cost. The estimation considers factors like age, gender, income, lifestyle, family history, pre-existing medical conditions, BMI, type and amount of coverage, so on, and so forth.  You must always keep in mind that many factors affect the medical insurance premium you need to shell out.

The health insurance policy is likely to be issued based on the medical underwriting process of none other than the insurer. So, use the premium calculator to give you a perspective of how much your premium could be. But remember, these numbers are just a ballpark estimation and not the final premium amount. Only your insurance service provider can give you that estimate.

How to Use A Health Insurance Calculator

The process of calculating the health insurance premium with the premium calculator is pretty easy. If you are wondering about the complex calculations, all are automatically executed. If you want to know your premium amount, you need to follow a few steps.

First, log in to the policy provider’s website and choose a policy that you think would suit you best. Second, visit the Health Insurance Premium Calculator page and fill in your details such as the number of insured individuals in your family, the date of birth of the eldest member of the family, etc.

Next, submit the sum insured and provide the details of the policy tenure. After you are done with this, click on Calculate Premium, and you will get the results on the screen. Based on all the details you share, you will get an idea of the approximate amount you need to pay.

If you want to get a quote, visit the ‘Get Quote’ section and fill in all the required particulars. You can make certain changes as you prefer. For example, you can remove or add any member of your family to a particular policy.

The Advantages of Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Before you get to know about a premium calculator’s advantages, you need to know that this online tool primarily gives you an estimation of the premium that needs to pay.

The premium costs have now become an indispensable addition to a family’s budget. If you know how much you need to shell out as your premium, you will prepare yourself on the financial front and overcome any hurdle that might crop up.

There are a few points which you need to remember. You don’t require to pay a visit to any office. You can easily get a free estimation of the premium amount online. The online premium calculator helps you plan your budget as you are already aware of the precise cost of care and treatment. You don’t need to do any paperwork as well. Moreover, you can also select a policy tenure or decide which health cover you want based on the premium cost.


Times have changed, and today, technology plays a key role in changing the way businesses operate. Faster transactions imply that you can save ample time. Nowadays, you can pay your premium from the comfort of your nest.

However, with regard to the medical insurance premium, you need to remember that the costs depend on several factors. But, there are ways through which you can diminish the impact of the premium costs. Select a health plan, use a health insurance premium calculator, and pay your premiums in just a few clicks. Besides that, you should also be sure to compare the various insurance plans too before you finalize on one!

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