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Your Daily Brew Can Make You Look Amazingly Young! Here are Five Amazing Teas for You to Try

There’s nothing like starting a day with a fresh-hot beverage. While a few prefer coffee, the rest prefer tea. However, experts suggest that black tea is what is ideal for the human body and mind. And they say so for more than one reason! It does not just refresh your mind and help you feel awake, but can also help you look flawless.

Tea, besides its many benefits, offers anti-aging benefits too. Yeah, your morning cuppa can help you appear more youthful and help you glow up. Looking young is not about opening up a bottle and pouring all the contents on your skin. If you want to get the skin-deep type of antiaging benefits, here are some of the options you can try.

Green Tea

Green tea is healthy. Now, where have we heard that before? Well, jokes apart, green tea is the ultimate concoction that can also be labeled as an anti-oxidant elixir. Chock-a-block with more antioxidants than you could remember, it is also full of vitamins and minerals and protects your skin in numerous ways.

Did you know it also reduces UV damage to the skin? Also, it can act as the ultimate moisturizer as it also boasts of detoxing properties. The great thing about tea it doesn’t have as much caffeine as regular black tea. Catechins and polyphenols are the key anti-oxidants that fight to age, and green tea contains plenty of that.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is another antioxidant-rich tea that contains lots of minerals and vitamins that can enhance your health and well-being. It is also great for your teeth health and makes your bones stronger. Oolong tea is a powerful decoction that can reduce wrinkles and fight fine lines.

While you drink it up, reap its many skin and health benefits, it can also make your crowning glory and shine more. Regular consumption can make you look younger, detoxify your body, improve digestion, and help you lose those extra pounds. You should add as possible to our diets for health and skin that shines from within.

Blue Tea

Blue tea, or butterfly pea flower tea, is another herbal concoction that promises many benefits minus the caffeine kick. The blue tea, as it is more famously known as can turn blue or purple depending upon how you have it, whether you are team hot tea or team iced teas. While we can drink it for its startling color, it offers a lot many benefits too.

Everything from weight loss to fighting cancer and aging that makes it the most sought after a drink! It is said the more the color in the foods, the more is its antioxidant content. Also, your skin looks great when you have less stress in your lives, or you deal with them better, and Blue tea has real potential to lower your stress levels and make you feel great.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea looks amazing and tastes, unlike any tea you ever had, but in a good way. You can have it hot or cold. And drinking more of this tea can significantly reduce free radicals from your body. So, it not only makes you look young, but it can also fight heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea, a South African tea which is less on caffeine and more on antioxidants, is a refreshing skin-friendly tea. This tea is not only the one to dunk your biscuits in a sip quietly in a corner.

But you can use it to apply on your skin to replenish the skin’s lost moisture. Rooibos is used in a variety of cosmetic products for its numerous antioxidant content.

Now that you know about the amazing benefits of tea and what it can do to your skin, ensure you add various brews into your diet. These teas may be what you are missing out on as far as your skincare regimen is concerned. These exotic teas may turn out to be more effective than the chemically-laced creams you put on without fail. Give these a try and let us know if these tips worked for you. And don’t forget to share this write-up with all your loved ones, so that they could have glowing skin too!

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