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Shhh…These Ultimate Korean Hacks Can Certainly Turn the Clock Back on Aging!

What is common between all these actresses – Choi Ji-woo, Jun Ji-Hyun, Son Ye-jin? Well, they are all esteemed Korean actresses who are in their thirties or forties, and yet they all look effortlessly gorgeous, not giving away their real age with their glass-like skin and gorgeous looks.

Well, when it comes to anti-aging hacks, it is not only the actresses who really look great defying advancing years but women across every household in Korea look youthful, thanks to their secret beauty hacks. If you are looking for the best Korean beauty tips, then this is the right place for you. All over the world people are trying to find the best Korean beauty hacks because they can beat aging like no other. So, here are a few beauty hacks that you can follow.

Using a Muslin Cloth Dipped in Hot Water

Well, all you need to do is exfoliate your skin and deep cleanse your face using a muslin cloth dipped in hot water, and try and follow this hack every day using different strokes. Moving the strokes upward to downward, and the surprising thing is you’ll be able to achieve a firmer and more youthful-looking skin in approximately two weeks.

Mouth Exercise

Facial yoga is one of the most followed hacks in western countries and Korean women follow a similar form of mouth exercise. Just mouthing the vowels – a, e, i, o, u – repeatedly can work for you. Do it continuously and this can improve the blood circulation of the mouth to a great extent.

Give Your Face a Finger Facial

It may not always be possible to go for a facial at a salon, so instead of venturing out of your home, you can try a little facial at home, and the Korean way is the right one to give your face a facial. Just tap your fingers all over your face and do it in a circular motion after you apply a face cream. Start from one part of the face, right from cheeks going towards the forehead to chin and then the jaw. Tapping the face can not only increase blood circulation, but it can also provide hydration to your face with the cream.

A Charcoal Sheet Face Mask

Sheet masks are a common thing in South Korea. The Charcoal sheet masks are particularly popular. It has detoxifying and exfoliating properties and can help benefit your skin. Just apply the sheet on your face and sit it out for 15 to 20 minutes while you begin to relax.

Try the Blurring Technique to get that Perfect Skin

When you roll out of bed early in the morning and think how can you hide the flaws of your skin, you can try the Korean blurring trick. It means that you have to resort to smart coverage products, something like Iope’s Air Cushion foundation with a makeup brush that can hide unwanted imperfections.

If you use an air-cushion foundation, a signature Korean cosmetic, you can blur out the imperfections because it provides ultra-sheer to total coverage. It gives a natural look without making it look heavy.

You Can Apply Facial Essence Packed Between Two Layers Of Moisturizer

Modern Korean women feel that essences can help in daily cleansing. Essences are watery in nature and are mild, nutrient-filled solutions that hydrate your skin and one needs to apply them right after cleansing. Next, add the application of a serum and a moisturizer to promote skin elasticity and hydration.

Drink Barley Tea

Koreans are known to have a thing for healthy teas and even when you go to restaurants, most people are seen sipping on a nutty-tasting tea. The hot drink is actually a roasted barley tea which is also served to Korean babies from birth to improve their skin and well-being.

Barley tea is anti-oxidant-rich and a study had revealed that regularly sipping on it can provide many health benefits apart from improving your blood circulation, which in turn helps top improve your skin. It is one of the best drinks to lose weight. It is quite a versatile drink that could change your health and your skin, for the better of course.

Follow these hacks and let us know whether these worked for you as much as the antiaging hacks worked for us.

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