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Here’s How You Can Relax in the Vicinity of Swiss Alps While Also Helping the Environment

Switzerland is known as the heaven on earth, and every year it experiences the highest number of tourists. To accommodate tourists, Switzerland has numerous amount of hotels, but few hotels do not only serve the guests but are also eco–friendly. Let’s take a look at the sustainable hotels in Switzerland where you can relax and unwind in the vicinity of the Swiss Alps.

Eco-Hotel Cristallina, Coglio (Vallemaggia)

Eco-hotel Cristallina is located in the middle of the beautiful magic valley, which is in the Italian alp of Switzerland. It is suitable for couples, singles, families with kids, and even for conducting seminars. The hotel building used prefabricated wood for internal thermal insulation, and the panels are made of recycled paper. With huge windows, this building is designed in a way that it can utilize maximum natural sunlight, hence less energy is consumed during daytime for lightening.

It has installed huge solar panels on the rooftops to generate electrical energy and to heat sanitary water, and for central heating, it has installed wooden chips. This unique sustainable hotel promotes activities that highlight the culture, history, gastronomy, and natural beauty. It also promotes sports activities like cycling, hiking in the mountains, and swimming in the Maggia provides the ultimate luxuries to its guests while causing minimal damage to the environment. Its priority is to preserve the environment, extinction of species, and beauty of Switzerland.

Carlton Hotel St.Mortiz

The fundamental ideology of this hotel is to do good to both humans and the planet, and all operations are highly focused on sustainability. It doesn’t take care of only guests’ happiness, but equally, concentrates on the staff’s happiness, and well-being.

It is strongly based on the five pillars, including rest, play, move, nourish and give. It is a unique concept that provides a beautiful combination of relaxation and fun together. It has three restaurants, a wellness area, a sauna, a gym, and indoor and outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pools. It also offers a variety of eatables, including homemade organic granolas.

It has received several awards and recently won a Green Globe certificate for being one of the most eco-friendly hotels in Switzerland.

Maya Boutique Hôtel

Maya Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by lush greenery. It has merged traditional materials and modern elements to provide a unique experience to the guests. It is built up of straws and its heat is provided through the wood oven, and for energy production, the hotel authority has installed gigantic solar panels.

The concept of a building made up of straws and its energy and heat production methods are not very popular yet, but they are exemplary efficient in preserving the environment. They have been rewarded internationally for their unique innovative design and policies.

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

This hotel is designed uniquely. It is divided into multiple individual pods. Instead of rooms, this hotel offers separate pods in the middle of the mesmerizing landscape of Switzerland. These pods are isolated from all sorts of noises and disturbances to make them an ideal place for relaxation.

These pods are connected to the water system and heated with a pellet stove, which provides equal comfort as traditional hotels do. However, the energy required to heat and cool the pod is 30% less than in traditional buildings. Also, they have installed timers on water boilers, and on other sanitary tools like water taps. And to preserve biodiversity, they have a limited lighting policy at night.

The Alpina Gstaad

This hotel focuses on providing complete wellness to the guests while preserving the environment.

This hotel was constructed with the help of local craftspeople, including stones, wood, and recycled material. This hotel follows strict sustainable policies and methods, including sensor-driven heating and air conditioning systems. Central heating is generated by the plant, which is fueled by wooden chips, an installed hydroelectric system, and pools are heated by reclaimed energy.

This hotel not only provides comfort and luxuries like a traditional hotel but also provides multiple sources of entertainment. For example, it has a cinema that is sometimes used as a nightclub or Ted talk stage. Because well-ness is not limited to relaxation, it comes with fun too.

Preserving the environment is everybody’s duty, hence tourists should also try to look for hotels that not only provide the best facilities but also they take care of the environment.

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