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Weird Hacks That Can Help You Relax Immediately

We can never avoid stressful situations but how do you accept stress and deal with it. In fact, there are weirder options to try that can help you minimize stress. You have heard all about the regular hacks like exercise, meditating, deep breathing, and laughing out loud. These hacks may be unusual but they may turn out to be the best course to lead a peaceful life.

Green Nail Polishes For The Win

While green nail polishes may not appeal to most people, evidence suggests that it is one of the most compelling ways to beat stress. All you have to do is just place a dot of your green shade on your cell phone, it will help you relax before you start taking the call. The symbolic green nail polish may even set you in a better mood as it reminds you to relax while you breathe deeply. It will also help you sound more confident. When you are in a more confident frame of mind, you reduce your stress further. This weird hack is certain a winner.

Tie Rubberbands

While tying a green rubber band around your wrist may seem like a fashion trend, it is not, in fact, it can reduce stress. It is one way to train yourself in a way that can incorporate a way that includes operant conditioning. When you feel stressed just use the strap around your wrist and snap it to remind you that you need to be less stressed. Psychologist B. F. Skinner was the first person to start operant conditioning as he tried it on rats. Here the rats are placed in a box, and when the rat touches the lever in the box, he would get a treat. He would then do it intentionally. So, when we use the same technique to reduce stress with the rubber band snatch, a form of punishment is used in place of reinforcement, so you withdraw from the behavior to avoid a certain kind of stimulus. (unpleasant)

Drink Up to Relax

Not just any drink but orange juice is your go-to drink to relax and it can also help you less anxious. It is rich in vitamin C and helps reduce stress as it helps reduce the stress hormones and cortisol too. You need two glasses a day to beat stress the right way.

Chew on The Gum

We don’t know whether you know this but chewing the gum can offer you multiple benefits. It can freshen your breath and even stop you from eating more and reduce snacking, and yes chewing gum can also help you relax. Studies show that it can reduce anxiety, increases alertness, reduces stress, and help you with multi-tasking. Carry some in your pocket to help you in your next anxious moment.

Schedule Worry Time

Worry, but only worry at certain times of the day. So, it can release stress hormones into the body that causes you anxiety and compromise your immune systems. You can keep a 15-minute of worry window in one day where you keep your worries in check and limit it to a certain part of the day.

Inflate Balloons

When you inflate balloons it gets you back to the old days when you forget the world as you inflate different-hued balloons that fill up the room. Well, even if you are an adult you can reduce stress and it can help you deep-breathe. So, when you visit the office. You can place a few balloons in your drawer and blow one whenever you feel stressed. There may be others who may gawk at you or just laugh at you but it may definitely help you reduce stress and make others feel less stressed too.

Eat More Oatmeal

While oatmeal is certainly a great addition to your diet. It can also help lower your cholesterol levels but it is a great grain to help you relax too. Who would have thought that eating oatmeal can actually help you relax? It’s primarily the magnesium and potassium content in the grain that does great things to your blood pressure levels. It lowers it and makes you feel more relaxed. Make it a breakfast staple to boost your serotonin levels, which can contribute to your happiness and relaxation levels.

Have you used these weird hacks to relax and feel less stressed about things?

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