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Stressed During Pregnancy? Try These Relaxation Techniques

The arrival of a newborn certainly brings with it immense joy and happiness. However, expecting mothers have to battle through stress at every point of pregnancy. With the ever-continuing changes in the body, followed by mental anxieties, being a mother is no easy feat. This is especially taxing on those who keep working out ways and means to find the right balance between tending to their little ones and keeping up with the daily chores or tasks. Finding some #metime is of paramount importance, and the best way to lessen the effect of stress or reduce pressures is to give a boost to the serotonin level. Relaxation helps expecting mothers to build a great immune system, sleep better, and pursue other tasks. If you are expecting a child, here are ways on how you can relax yourself:

Yoga Works Wonders

Obtaining a certain sense of calm with the help of pregnancy-safe exercises can only be achieved via yoga.

If you are one of those blessed women about to enter motherhood, you may look for a trained yoga instructor or simply visit a yoga studio where practicing several techniques becomes easier with the right guidance.

Once you have got the idea, doing the same a few times every week will help you know how to fit in the techniques in your daily schedule.

Alternatively, check out some videos online showing the best postures and steps before you hit the bed or just after you wake up.

Nothing Like A Refreshing Massage

Whoever said that getting a massage is equal to luxurious spa sessions stand wrong! Typical lavish spas are different from massage parlors and secondly, masseurs do not always charge a hefty fee for offering deep tissue and therapeutic massages. Before you visit a massage parlor simply by believing someone’s words, you need to check the local listings and see exactly what lies in the offer. Ideally, talk to owners or even read reviews from websites from expecting mothers (most of your local massage parlors must have some kind of information available online), and make an informed choice. Prenatal massages are relaxing and would-be moms surely deserve that.

Have Time For Deep Breathing

Pregnancy comes with its share of ups and downs which is why incorporating deep breathing into your daily workout regimen is highly crucial. Apart from reducing the heart rate and inducing quick and better sleep, deep breathing helps attain a balance in the body; one of the best outcomes is controlling one’s emotions. No matter how easy it might sound, deep breathing takes substantial time to gain mastery over. However, once you have gained a total understanding of how it works and the list of benefits it brings along, you can practice it at any point of the day and as many times as you wish.

Learning The Art To Relax Muscles

Given how the muscles become tighter as a result of inactivity, you can try out this relaxation technique. This is called progressive muscle relaxation, and this technique is used to reduce, or rather release, the tension in every muscle of the body. This is not easy and will take substantial time to learn, but better to have aid before going ahead with this.

You need to lie down in a comfortable place, relaxed. Now with your hands, you will have to ‘tense and relax the muscles along every side of the body. Following the hands are the arms, then shoulders and jaws, and lastly, the entire length of the body. This might seem a tad weird initially, but as time passes by, you will notice the difference in experience pre and post-sessions, and you will be able to stick through the process.

Time To Act Now

Relaxation is essential to both the baby and the mother. The sooner the latter understands the benefits of it, the better it is. In pregnancy, everything is monitored by the doctor and nutritionist, so discussing the types of relaxation techniques that can be introduced in your exercise regimen is essential. Whether pregnancy will be a cakewalk or not cannot be guaranteed, but the stress that acts as an accompaniment can be reduced by several notches.

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