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Six Things To Remember If Someone You Love Has Bipolar Disorder

Before you jump into the details, you must have proper knowledge of what bipolar disorder is all about. Bipolar disorder, which is commonly dubbed a manic-depressive illness, is a kind of brain disease that leads to uncommon and strange shifts in energy, mood, and the capacity to execute daily tasks. This disorder has four types – bipolar 1 disorder, bipolar 2 disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and other unspecified related disorders.

Bipolar disorder is marked by erratic mood swings and changes in energy levels

Individuals who are suffering from bipolar disorder go through particular periods when they experience unusual behaviors, unexpected intense emotions, and changes in their levels of activity as well as sleep patterns; the mood swings are pretty much atypical from the usual behaviors and moods of that particular individual. A study reveals that approximately 2.6 million people are reeling under the effects of the disorder in the United States.

This implies that a lot of loved ones are up with the pressure and challenge of supporting those who are affected by this particular disorder. There are several things that you must remember when you love someone who has bipolar disorder. What are the things that can make or break your relationship with someone who suffers from the condition? Here are a few things you need to know.

Individuals with bipolar disorder have extra loud emotions

People with bipolar disorder are usually bad at regulating their emotions

Though we tend to unravel mood swings according to their highs and lows, it doesn’t necessarily mean that individuals with bipolar disorder experience great things in a maniacal state. On the contrary, the emotions then are more intense. Things coming from them are way too loud than what they normally should be. And it might prove to be a challenge for you to tackle such a situation in your day-to-day life.

They have to steer through many complex medications

As of now, the medications prescribed for individuals suffering from bipolar disorder do not work the same way for everyone. Consequently, a person has to untie complex knots of medications to seek the appropriate balance. This might take a lot of time, and an individual may run out of energy which will eventually lead to more stress.

Their perception of the world is different

People with certain mental disorders perceive the world differently

Mania and depression can lead to a drastic change in an individual’s perceptions of the world which can be equally frustrating and exhausting. When medications start stabilizing things after finding the right balance, the person may get back the capacity to view things normally. It can be exciting and frightening, too, since there is every bit of uncertainty about how long this will continue.

They get exhausted too soon

A maniacal state can bring in fun and excitement. The person may feel more unshackled, and things around them may seem too vibrant. But, such a state brings along with its shades of depression as well. The highs that they experience in such a state can consume more than half of their energy and eventually exhaust the person.

They go through more than the usual highs and lows of life

Every person goes through phases when they are either high or low. But people who are suffering from bipolar disorder go through much more than a normal person does. It is necessary to recognize and approve this particular difference and not have unaccommodating expectations from the person.

They won’t ask for your sympathy

Give the much-needed emotional support to the person you love

Everyone needs a little sympathy sometimes, but never take this for granted, thinking that they require sympathy. They don’t. All you can do is listen and understand. Never say that you understood more than you did. Never give out advice that is not required. Try to be a friend and listen to them patiently. That’ll indeed be a great job to do.

Remember that they also have the desire to be treated like you do — everyone does. Deep within their hearts, they wish to lead a normal life. It’s necessary for people supporting such individuals to try and give them the space that’s required to help them improve. Don’t ever judge. Just be supportive and hold the hand of your partner.


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