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Self Care Vacation Ideas to Help You Kickstart the Relaxation Process and Rejuvenate

Today, people are so starved of me-time that they tend to be like, ‘I need a vacation, right now!’ It becomes that much more necessary to get a vacation as we are stuck in the continuous work-social-life-work culture. However, it is not enough to get only vacation now, it is important to get a little more than that, and by that we mean including relaxation hacks such as destressing hacks and self-healing techniques, self-care being the buzzword here. Let’s check out a few relaxation vacays that promise more than a little relaxation.

Farm Staycation

People are now finding more and more reasons to move towards the rural or smaller communities. Farm stays can help you participate in the trend and give you an opportunity to reconnect with nature. It also gives you an opportunity to get back to the roots, reconnect with nature, and of course spend more time with your four-legged friends who provide relief from stress, pain, and even anxiety. While you may have a pet at home vying for your attention, you can take a dekko at the nearest animal shelter.

But living like this will give you an opportunity to incorporate that much-needed vacation. Moving away from the regular, routine life helps you relax, have fun and get all your energy and enthusiasm to dive right back into your old routine.  There are options such as an Apacapa Retreat in Washington that combines the rare beauty of nature (panoramic view of Port Susan and MT. Rainier) in Washington. Or you can spend your vacation riding on horseback. For that a horse ranch in California. can be a great option. We are sure hugging a goat has become a thing now and we are all eager to sign up for it.

Beach Vacation

Research shows that living near the ocean, and staying close to the blue waters, listening to the calming sounds of the ocean and wind, can have a positive impact on your overall and mental health. They call it vitamin sea for a reason. It’s self-therapy wrapped with the other fun elements that a vacation promises. Also, the major advantage of a beach vacation is you can be there all year round,

it is not restricted to the summer months only.  Whether it is an exotic vacation in the Cayman Islands or you visit the gorgeous island of Santorini, there are just so many options to look for. It’s not always to look afar to select your beach destinations, someone closer to your home works great as well.

Natural Spa Vacation

Nature has a lot to offer in terms of spa service and when you indulge in the nearby natural springs, you have all the therapeutic benefits at a much lesser cost. Thermal tourism has been doing the rounds for quite some time now and can offer an exotic alternative to spa therapies within the four walls of your home, the added bonus, are you get to stay close to nature.

In the USA, Idaho is one state that has all the natural hot springs you would want to explore. If you are looking for more options get your hands on an interactive map where you can get all the details of thermal springs spread across the length the breadth of the U.S. to find a spot near you. Yes, it is time to pack for the ultimate road trip. There are options such as Utah’s Mystic Hot Springs or the Tabacón Resort in Costa Rica.

Yoga Retreat Vacation

Yoga is the ultimate therapy for the body and the mind. So, planning a retreat that offers something for your mind, body, and for your soul should be the ultimate experience. It also incorporates meditative practices that involve you spending more time in nature.

A yoga retreat, also helps you to connect with more people and more people fostering a community feeling. It also offers an opportunity to dive into your selves and treat yourself away from the thousand things that vie for your attention at the same time.

While multitasking is a cool thing to do to achieve more goals in a shorter span of time, retreats like this help to focus on one thing at a time, for better focus and more calmness, and of course more clarity. The modern world can be particularly taxing even, draining, vacation like these help you to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate to the best of your ability.

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