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Here’s What Your Dreams Say About Your Mental Health

Sleep is important for our mental and physical health. Experts say that adults should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night means, that you can prevent several chronic conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, and even cancer. Sleep also helps you slip into your inner psyche, subconscious, or what you can call your dreams. Many experts say that dreams are your second brain. In fact, your night-time brain or while you are sleeping brain is a much more honest brain than your daytime brain. In other words, when you dream, it reveals what you are thinking. NIH or The National Institute of Health says that we spend almost 2 hours at night dreaming, but we only remember bits and pieces of it. What and how we dream can hold the key to unlocking hidden aspects of our wellbeing. Are you dreaming of these things mentioned below? Then find out what they really mean?

Teeth Falling Out

Teeth give you the power and confidence. When you dream about your teeth falling out it can reflect some parts of your mental state; it may give psychologists an insight into what you may be feeling inside. Some of the manifestations of a disturbed state of mind are anxiety,  the feeling of extreme nervousness, and a sudden feeling of a panic attack. Although you may be feeling anxious from within, you do not realize that you have anxiety till your dream give you feelers.

Yes, it is your dreams that give you signals warning you that you may be harboring an anxious state of mind and need to do something about it. It may be because your subconscious state of mind is an extension of what you are feeling and the message comes from your dreams. It is certainly a fascinating concept, what you feel, you dream.

An Expensive Dream

You may often have impossible dreams or see something that is beyond your reach. It very often points out towards your diet. These types of dreams may often come to people who sometimes follow a strict diet. The dreams may point out to the meals you want to have but are missing out on and subconsciously craving those meals.

 Scary Dreams

Some people are often plagued by often horrifying dreams that keep chasing them down. Some may even feel that they are in the middle of a fight. This may give a clue of the brain degenerating or going slow. Usually, patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s or different types of other brain disorders such as Parkinson’s may have this kind of dream. These types of dreams start affecting people many years before the actual onset of the disease.

Dreams that Jolt You to Wakefulness

It is sometimes very scary to see people getting such scary dreams that they are left reeling under the effect of their dreams. This happens especially when you have indigestion or you start feeling a certain kind of uneasiness in your body. This can particularly happen when you particularly gorge on a heavy meal for dinner that causes tummy trouble. and make you feel heavy. The restlessness you feel may cause disruption in sleep. Ensure you leave a minimum of three to four hours back between your bedtime and your last meal.

Too Many Dreams

If you have too many dreams all at once, you may be suffering from a condition called narcolepsy. This condition may also start to make you feel too tired throughout the day, punctuated with a sudden attack of weaknesses. It disrupts the process of REM sleep, leading your brain to begin before it should. You may start seeing things before you fall off to sleep.

Occasional nightmares are nothing to get overly worried about. It may make you feel that you are lost on the set of a Jordan Peele film set. But if the dreams are recurring and may seriously affect your quality of sleep, then it is time to pay a visit to your doctor to know the real cause of your dreams. The timely intervention of treatment may start to make you feel relaxed and make you have pleasant dreams. Tell us in the comments section below, what kind of dreams affect you the most?

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