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Five Healthy Drinks That Can Immediately Relax You and Rejuvenate You!

Nothing relaxes us more than our cup of morning Joe! And what happens when we go on to reach our fourth cup? Well, it reduces us to an anxious wreck. So, however much you may love your tea and coffee, that caffeine shot may not be so good for your anxious self at all? So, should you ditch beverages altogether? No, not at all. You can try various beverages that can relax you and put you in a really good mood!

And it goes beyond that tea and coffee territory. Also, those store-bought drinks called energy drinks play havoc on your body and hormones, and yes, they contain way more caffeine than your body can process, giving you sleepless nights. The idea is to get healthy ingredients that taste good and have all the calming properties that your body and mind will thank you for! We can begin with the go-to drink that relaxes us in no time!

Turmeric Milk

We bet you have heard a lot of this super-amazing anti-inflammatory drink that can boost your immunity and even lower inflammation. But did you know if you can have it at night, just before you hit the sack, it will relax you and transport you to la-la land? So, here’s the trick, add a pinch of turmeric to your milk, choose your milk with care. We do just fine with full-fat cow milk, but others don’t fare as well, so for them, any other dairy-free version such as almond, coconut, cashew, walnut milk can do!

Add a pinch of ginger and nutmeg, and you are good to go. Oh yes, you can even add half a spoon of cinnamon, great to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. We usually skip the sweetener, but if you like it, you can have it! That warm, nourishing cup is the ultimate elixir for relaxation and the days we have it. We sleep like a baby. Not for nothing do they call it the golden milk.

Green Tea

Green tea is another healthy beverage, that is right there in the popularity charts for its weight loss benefits. However, we aren’t too sure that sipping cupfuls of green tea can boost your metabolism and help you shed those extra pounds. But we still swear by its properties to calm you down after a hectic day. It has a compound called L-theanine that helps reduce stress and also increases your concentration and focus.

Coconut Water

The natural electrolyte drink helps balance your magnesium and potassium levels and helps relax your taut muscles too. Also, it ups your energy levels, even helping you get quality sleep. The be vitamins come in handy too. As you know, B vitamins not only reduce stress but may also help lower blood pressure.


Or should we say banana smoothie, our ultimate stress buster, drink? On days we have too many things on our minds and our multi-tasking, this drink is the way to go! Banana and milk are a match made in heaven. Some people do say that they may cause digestive distress, but listen to your body. On good days we sip banana smoothies, and on bad days.

We sip on banana smoothies. Yes, we love it that much! We blend banana and milk till it comes out nice and bubbly. When we want an extra kick of good old magnesium, we also add a bit of cacao powder. Yum is the word. Magnesium is a powerful mineral that can help you relax and feel good about yourself. So, if you are stressed, then this drink can do the trick in busting that stress.

Tart Cherry Juice

Consuming tart cherry juice has tons of benefits. Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it may also reduce your risk of heart diseases, lowers your cholesterol levels, and also helps in treating arthritis. What’s more, your bones may thank you too for sipping on that juice. It does help beat stress too. Try it the next time you feel your day isn’t treating you well.

So, try all these drinks to help yourself relax. They are easily available, and on days when nothing works, no other relaxation techniques do the trick for you. In that case, these drinks may finally help you relax and even help you sleep well.

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