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Here Are Five Fantastic Ways to Relax Using Essential Oils!

Many people love using essential oils to help bring some calming, soothing waves of relaxation. If you aren’t one of these people, you need to become one of them because essential oils are immensely beneficial and a little goes an incredibly long way!

There are so many different essential oils to choose from to make a signature relaxing scent that is perfectly designed for relaxing you and your family! In the spirit of using essential oils for relaxation, here are five easy and effective ways that you can use your favorite blend of essential oils to help you relax at any time of the day:

Use a Diffuser

The simplest way to enjoy a blast of calming essential oil blends is to place a few drops in the humble diffuser and enjoy the aroma wafting through your entire space, comforting you and carrying you on a cloud to relaxation heaven! Tealight diffusers are easy to use and only require the ceramic diffuser itself, a tea candle, and a little water placed in the bowl at the very top. These are incredibly effective in filling a room with scent, and don’t underestimate its size! Using a machine is also very easy and you don’t need to fuss with candles or worry about an open unattended flame if that’s a concern. The vapors simply fill the air and make you feel amazing.

Use a Roller Bottle

Topical use of essential oils is a great way to take your relaxing scent with you everywhere you go – literally! Of course, if you intend to use your essential oil blend on your skin, it is advisable that you only use therapeutical grade essential oils and you’re good to go! Roller bottles are cheap and cute, small, and easy to transport, so you can even keep one in your handbag or your pocket for when you need a relaxing boost! Simply choose a carrier oil of your choice and add a few drops of your relaxing essential oil blend, and mix thoroughly. This will also last a long time!

Use a Pillow or Linen Spray

Simply throwing together witch hazel or alcohol, water, and some of your favorite essential oils can make for the ultimate relaxing sleep. Mix up about 2 tablespoons of witch hazel or alcohol, like vodka, with 20 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oil blend for relaxation and add to an 8oz spray bottle. Top up the bottle with filtered water and shake before use. Use this mixture to spray your pillows or your linen before you hop into bed to make for a restful and deep sleep. This is a great way to get the relaxation your body needs and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day the next morning!

Use as Bath Salts

DIY bath salts are so incredibly simple to put together that there really is no excuse not to make some and have a therapeutic relaxing bath! A bath is one of the most iconic and effective ways of relaxing, and if you throw in a mix of Epsom salt and your favorite essential oil blend, you’re in for a real treat! Keep the mixture in a pretty glass jar at the side of the bathtub and if you like, you could even add a few tablespoons of dried rose petals or lavender flower heads or even spice to the scrub, just to make it extra special. Epsom salt is also excellent for relieving muscle cramps, tension, and stress.

Sugar Scrub

Few things are better than hopping into bed after a long, luxurious bath with freshly exfoliated skin. Sugar scrubs are great for scrubbing away dirt and dried skin and revealing new, plump, and fresh skin. The added blood circulation does wonders to lift your spirits and to help you have a restful sleep at night. Stir together sugar, your favorite essential oil blend, and enough oil to make a thick slurry concoction. Add dried flowers, petals, or spice as in the bath salts mix, if you like. Towel off and moisturize before hopping into bed to avoid flaky skin.

So, which of these are your favorite ways to use essential oil blends to relax? Have fun incorporating all these different ways into your day to have the most tension relief after those long work hours or after a tough day of hard work or stress. Relaxation is at your fingertips!

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