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Finland Is Offering Free Holidays to Demonstrate Why It Is the Happiest Country

Imagine a country so dedicated to the pursuit of happiness that it becomes a global leader in well-being. This is the story of Finland, the country that consistently tops the World Happiness Report, including the 2023 edition. The Finnish secret to happiness has become a subject of global curiosity.

To share its joyous lifestyle, Finland has launched an extraordinary initiative: Offering free trips to travelers under its “The Masterclass of Happiness” program.

This groundbreaking initiative by Finland is more than a mere travel opportunity. It is an educational journey into the heart of Finnish joy. Ten lucky individuals will get to experience firsthand the lifestyle and ethos that make Finland the world’s happiest country.

Oliver / Pexels / The Nordic country is kicking off a new initiative where it will be offering free trips to 10 selected travelers.

This initiative is set to launch on June 15, 2024, at the picturesque Kuru Resort. Thus, it will be offering a blend of leisure and learning in an idyllic setting.

Kuru Resort: The Gateway to Finnish Happiness

Kuru Resort, known for its serene beauty and tranquil environment, is the perfect starting point for this journey. Here, participants will immerse themselves in the Finnish way of life. Of course, all surrounded by nature and nurtured by the simplicity and purity of the Finnish ethos.

A pivotal aspect of the program is understanding ‘sisu.’ Essentially, it is a Finnish concept that intertwines resilience, grit, and a balanced perspective on life’s challenges. This philosophy is a cornerstone of Finnish culture. Thus, embodying the spirit of perseverance and inner strength that is prevalent in every aspect of Finnish life.

Paul / Pexels / The aim of the Masterclass of Happiness initiative is simple: Getting to know the Finnish ‘Sisu’ philosophy and knowing why Finland is the happiest country in the world.


Expert Guides

Throughout their stay, participants will be guided by expert coaches who will delve into various facets of Finnish well-being. These experts, possessing deep knowledge of Finnish culture, will offer immersive experiences and knowledge sessions.

From traditional Finnish sauna rituals to the art of ‘kalsarikännit’ (relaxing at home in your underwear with no intention of going out,) the lucky participants will explore the unique aspects of Finnish joy.

Why Finland Continues to be the World’s Happiest Country?

The consistent high happiness rankings of Finland are not accidental. They are the result of a combination of factors. These will include a robust social welfare system, a high standard of living, and a strong sense of community and equality. The Finnish model of society is one where trust, mutual respect, and support are fundamental, contributing significantly to the overall sense of well-being.

Pixabay / Pexels / Finns follow the philosophy of ‘Sisu’ and the Nordic country is at the heart of natural beauty.

Finland’s deep-rooted connection with nature is a key component of its happiness. The vast forests, pristine lakes, and the general reverence for the natural world play a vital role in the mental and physical health of Finns. Thus, this connection to nature is an integral part of the Finnish lifestyle, promoting a sense of peace and well-being.

Parting Thoughts

Finland’s initiative extends beyond its borders as an invitation to the world to understand and maybe adopt aspects of its approach to happiness. It is an opportunity for cultural exchange and global learning.

Plus, it showcases how societal values and lifestyle choices can significantly impact overall happiness and well-being.

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