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How to Deal With Online Bullying and Anonymous Trolls?

Social media has revolutionized the world. While there have been several benefits of the same, there have been several cons. While it has given a voice to the voiceless, there is a flip side to this, body shaming. The world of social media has given it an accessible nature of social media it is the same aspect that has given it the biggest flaw. It allows users to hide behind the cloak of anonymity and troll mercilessly the vulnerable. It allows them to persecute, harass, ridicule, and bully people round the clock with body-shame them shamelessly.

This intrusive side has affected the strongest of the lot. However perfect you are to your loved ones, you might face trolls if you are in the spotlight. They might comment on anything from you being too fat or too thin, too short, or too tall. They will either criticize your physical appearance or the way you talk. However, there is a way to come out of it. And you can emerge out of the ordeal stronger and hit back to the anonymous trolls with positivity. Here’s what you can do.

Know Thy Enemy

Body-shaming may not always be too blatant, such as fat or ugly. It may be subtle. It can come from a so-called friend. However, it can still affect you in a million ways. For example, someone may tell you to do something about your skin color this way. Or something seemingly as harmless as are you sure you cannot have two ice creams? The person may even say that they have the best interest in their minds when they say it, but the barb hits and how! You may never find love or walk down the aisle.

If someone cannot say something good to someone to encourage someone, they may not speak at all. It is time you curate your social media accounts, including those who are good, and eliminate those you don’t think are contributing significantly to your social space, just making it darker and murkier. The thing is, if they are contributing to the evil culture of body shaming, they shouldn’t be your so-called ‘friend’ at all.

Stop Feeding the Trolls

Trollers never like to get ignored. So the best way to deal with trollers is to avoid them as much as possible and with body shamers. You have to act as if you couldn’t care less. In other words, you have to stop feeding the trolls. Bullies bully because they want to get a response. It validates their sense of negativity, and they get great joy when they come to know that they have affected you somehow. They will soon lose interest when you ignore their obvious barbs and move on to the next target.

Have a Plan in Mind

If ignoring the naysayers or body shamers doesn’t work, it’s time to take action. In such scenarios, you cannot lose your temper. Instead, take a cool and calculated approach. Think about exactly what you want to say and say it without mincing words. But do so with a measured approach. You may be tempted to lash out at someone who is particularly meaningful to you. But you have to think that your self-esteem does not depend on the view of others.

Positivity Scores

Body shaming only works when you let it work for you. You have to prove that it does not affect you as much. If someone criticizes your weight, you can post a picture of yourself and caption it as you are happy in your skin or you love everything about you! Own your body, and don’t let anyone dictate the terms of your happiness.

Offer Some Self Love

Accept who you are. Just look at the mirror and say you are awesome! Yes, you accept every part of you, even the flaws. It’s true everyone is beautiful in their ways. When someone speaks ill of you for no valid reason, you will know that it speaks more about them than about you. These are the people who harbor some deep-seated insecurities. They want to make you feel bad because they feel bad for some reason. Don’t let them be successful in their enterprise.

Body-shaming trolling is downright cruel and if it gets too much, take the right steps to put the person in their place!

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