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How the Corpse Pose in Yoga Can Help You Relax and Calm Down

If you think lying down after a yoga session can relax you and calm you down, then you are right. It is called savasana or the corpse pose. It can help you hit reset the button with ease. Most people do not value a long peaceful Shavasana session because it is easy. Just lying down may not seem challenging enough for most people. And if it is not challenging enough, it cannot work. However, you need to try it out to reap its amazing benefits.

All you need to do is lie down with your legs relaxed and arms relaxed as you take deep breaths in. Let your mind relax as you close your eyes and watch every breath you take, and observe every sensation in your body. But it may be difficult for most people to calm themselves enough to lie still for several seconds, let alone a whole minute or two. It needs practice, and if you do it every day, increasing the time, you will soon be able to master the pose. With time relax your mind by lowering your cortisol levels and even staving off chronic diseases.

Take a Break

Savasana can offer a mini-break, especially when you have trouble grappling through a super stressful day. Savasana offers that solace and helps you master the art of doing nothing. It is not just about emptying your mind but also detaching yourself from the chaos around you. When you overthink and do not get respite from the constant train of thought, the corpse pose can offer you that much-needed break. You may be someone who thinks you do not need a break. However, you may be the one who needs a break the most.

Listen to The Body

Practicing Corpse Pose can make you listen to your body. This way, you understand what your body is saying, identify a niggling energy, and prevent injuries. When you are in tune with yourself physically, you know how to modify your body or push your body further. This way, you can balance your physical and emotional practice.

Offer Adrenal Support

As you transition slowly from workout-type movements of any kind into daily movements, it can help you get a break after that post-workout adrenaline rush. This way, you will be more mindful of attention to your actions right after a strenuous class. When you run on adrenaline, it can lead to depletion or make you experience burnout.

Calm The Mind

Many of us snap out of a workout without giving our body and the mind to allow ourselves to settle our nervous system. Taking it easy and easing into the corpse pose right after a workout can drench the body with endorphins, and you feel better, more relaxed after a workout.

Body Signals

Just like you have a warm-up practice right after a workout. It is one way of telling your body to wake up and get it ready for more intense workouts later. Similarly, the post-workout corpse pose will mean signaling to your mind and body. Hey, the workout is over. You can take it easy!

Balance Your Body and Mind

When you calm your nervous system, you also have a way to manage anxious thoughts, minimize stress, combat insomnia and stress that impacts your parasympathetic nervous system list. This way, you can balance your digestive system and stress coping mechanisms as your body tussles between the fight or flight mode that overworked adrenalin can get us into.

Shavasana or the corpse pose gives your body and mind a mini vacation. It embraces your body, feelings, and way of saying I’ve got your back.

Just lie down and feel and embrace the peace around you. Allow your body to sink into relaxation. It may take time to understand it and hence practice it; however, once you finish, you will realize it is one of the gifts you can give your body.

Some people are battling too much stress at any part of the day. And for them, Shavasana is that underrated gem they need to discover as soon as possible. Try it and let us know whether it worked for you. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends who might find it useful too!

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