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Can’t Sleep? Here are Some Ways to Help You Out

In times when everyone is in search of ways to be a better person, every aspect of life is assessed yet the basic aspect is disregarded the most- one’s sleep schedule- So if you want to fix this aspect, then keep reading.

Step 1: Relax.
Considering sleep as a priority is an appreciable thought, but stressing over it is not really a good idea. The more you push and force yourself to do something the harder and worse it gets, even if it is a catnap, which results in problems like anxiety and insomnia.

@Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush /Pexels | Be punctual for your own well being.

Troxel, PhD, a senior behavioral scientist says, “Don’t put so much pressure on sleep just set the stage so that most nights are predictably going to be a good night of sleep and you aren’t going to be stressed about it.” Now, what does she mean by saying “Set the stage?”

Step 2: Set The Stage.

To have a relaxed night, the first step is to have a planned morning. Think about it yourself; compare the Sundays when you wake at 3 p.m., and the Mondays when you wake at 6am, on which days do you want to go to bed at ten o’clock? Mondays, ofcourse!

So, to set the stage, you must have a fixed wake-up time to which you stay consistent, even during the weekends. Albeit there are some nights when you want to party all night long, well those nights are an exception.

@marta Dzedyshko/Pexels | A cozy cup of coffee isn’t really ideal before bed.

Step 3: Synchronize The Bed Temperature as Per Your Needs.
This might sound silly, but research shows that better sleep comes with a better temperature around you. As Jade Wu Ph.D., a sleep psychologist, and researcher at Duke University School of Medicine, says, “Your body has a very sophisticated set of sensors that will tell you if you’re too cold or too hot, so if you feel too hot, take off layers or set your room colder.

If you feel cold, put on layers or set the room warmer.” The ultimate goal is to find your comfort temperature to make you have a good night.

Ivan Oboleninov / Pexels | It’s okay to sleep with a comforter during summer as long as it gives you comfort.

Step 4: Mind Diversion.
People often having trouble sleeping find themselves a lullaby, the lullaby doesn’t literally have to be a song, but it could be a podcast they listen to, an episode of a series that puts them to sleep, so once you’ve set your sleep schedule, you’re free to wind-down any ritual that helps you get your mind off the day.

Wu prefers watching murder/ action series before bed, “It takes my mind off the other stuff that would be churning otherwise,” she says. A study proves that this remedy actually works.

Step 5: The DON’Ts.

Focusing on all the Do’s and overlooking the Don’ts will get you nowhere. The basic don’ts are the consumption of the two drinks that disrupt sleep, especially REM sleep. Those drinks are coffee and wine, which is understood; if you really want to have them, go for a glass of wine with dinner. As for coffee? Go for a mug of coffee at any time of the day – except for when you’re heading to bed.

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