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How Can Reading Help You Relax and Beat Stress? Five Reasons to Get Back to Reading Today!

Those were the days when there weren’t any distractions from OTT platforms or mobile games. All we could do was find pleasure in reading. We could leave our stresses behind and escape to another world, where we can get a break from life’s everyday stresses and relax.

Reading has many other benefits as well. It can even expand your lifespan, according to a journal Social Science and Medicine. Well, if you find reading a chore, then here are some reasons to get back to reading.

Reduces Stress

Stress can contribute to most human illnesses and diseases and increase stroke risk by almost fifty percent. While we cannot eliminate stress, we can certainly reduce stress. Reading can certainly be one of the strategies to avoid it and any health issue. Just six minutes of reading can help slow heart rate and reduce muscle tension. It can even reduce stress even more than listening to music or taking a walk. It does not matter which book you read.

But the act of getting lost in a book is what seals the deal for it. It enhances your creativity levels. While you may not be able to hide away from your problems, you can certainly take a break from them. It will immediately reduce your anxiety. Anxiety can certainly seem overwhelming, and it may affect every aspect of your living. However, reading can help you get lost in the story. When you do that, you lose sight of your immediate troubles and anxieties within the spate of an hour.

Improves Sleep

As we get intuned with the digital world, it can wreak havoc on our sleep. Getting fixated on our smartphones and putting our sleep schedules in total disarray will ruin your sleep quality. It is the blue lights emanating from devices that can create havoc on our sleep.

So it is important to swap your gadget with a book, and reading as a bedtime ritual can go a long way in inducing restorative sleep. Reading can help you gradually move into a state of deep relaxation as you ease into a deep sleep.

Enhances Social Skills

Reading helps you escape from a stressful situation and improves your social skills. People who are into reading improve their beliefs, thought processes, desires, and so on. Reading self-help books has been greatly helpful in coping with mental illness, especially for adults.

More and more doctors embrace the approach of using bibliotherapy. It is an approach where they use books to treat patients suffering from mental health conditions. Doctors believe that millions of patients who suffer from anxiety and depression have great benefits from reading.

 Boosts Intelligence

Reading helps your intelligence grow. Reading a book can help you travel into million places just by sitting at a corner of your home. And you will get a wealth of information. The best part is, there is no end to the learning curve, and there are no bad books. So, you could explore a whole world of information on a genre of your interest.

Yes, picking up books on cooking, cleaning, cycling, or even knitting would help you immensely! Remember, somewhere someone knows information that you don’t, and they have put it in a book for you to explore, read, and learn! Besides the vast world of information, reading also enhances your vocabulary and makes you more articulate!


If you want to make reading a part of your life every day, start by figuring out where you can read, such as reading on a book, a phone, tablet, or e-reader. You can incorporate reading at various times of the day, while you are part of meetings, traveling, or even between meetings. Finally, reduce your screen time, and the only way to do it is by taking the help of a book, and those few minutes of book-time can help you get that deep sleep.

Join a book club, chalk out a reading list, and prepare a list of books you want to read. This will help you keep invested and interested in your reading regime. Now is the time to gradually bring reading and relaxation right back into your life, because you see reading is synonymous with relaxation.

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