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Why You Should Break Up With Your Therapist Right Now?

Therapy may not be the right option for everyone. But for some people, it can be unique. It is essential to understand that you need therapy, but it is equally important to find the right therapist. Many people don’t realize they require therapy until it’s sometimes too late. Most people hardly know the therapy concept or find out what an ideal therapist is about. What if the therapy you are undergoing does not turn out to be the right one for you. So, how can you identify or recognize the red flags that can tell you that the therapist is unsuitable for you?

You Answer As Per Your Therapist’s Whim


First, you need to be comfortable with your therapist. During or after a therapy session, you need to ask yourself several questions, are you answering your therapist honestly? Or are you responding to cater to your therapist’s whim and fancy?

While feeling nervous and hesitant in the first few sessions is entirely okay, finding your comfort level with your therapist after a few sessions is essential. You need to be completely honest with your therapist, and if you cannot do so, it is a big red flag to watch out for.

You Feel Your Therapist is Judging You


You will never be comfortable with a person who judges you all the time, especially your therapist. It would help if you felt open, honest, and relaxed before your therapist’s company. When you know that you will get emotional support from the person sitting on the opposite end of the room, you’ll see that you will get the best out of the therapy session and, eventually, the treatment session.

You Are Not Reaching Your Treatment Goals

Treating a mental health issue takes time. When you begin your treatment session, check whether you are improving or learning new stress management tools. Of course, you cannot get well in the first session itself, but you should be able to feel progress in four and five sessions. Progress may mean having greater self-understanding, compassion, and striving to become the best version of yourself.

Your Therapist is Talking Way Too Much


When you are in a therapist’s office, you need to do most of the talking so that your therapist understands what you are thinking and your psyche. Your long monologues may be punctuated with your therapist’s commentary. It is undoubtedly one big flag if your therapist does the better part of the talking session.

It is a big hurdle in your healing journey if your therapist puts you into a specific box before even talking to you. Also, if they start doling out advice even before listening to you, it is almost as if they are least interested to hear your own unique story or problem. It is undoubtedly a dead giveaway that your therapist is least interested in treating you or is treating you much like your friends and acquaintances, who fail to understand your problem.


Mismatched Personalities

Yes, you are not looking for a soulmate or a friend, but looking for a personality trait that will be compatible with your personality trait. Therapy is undoubtedly different for different people, so find out whether you’ll be able to go for long sessions with your therapist. It is not about one or two sessions, but you are looking for a long-term treatment option.

A pleasing personality of a therapist or someone with a sense of humor will help you lighten up and will help you be more open about your innermost tussles. If you are calm, it may help to find a therapist who is also quiet. If you need them to be more talkative and interactive, you need to find someone who will be just like that.

If you spot one or more red flags, it is time to find a new therapist. Remember, you are doing it yourself, so it is important to be forthright with yourself; you need to say no to your therapist, even listing reasons why the sessions are not working. Being truthful to you and your therapist is the first step towards finding a healthier and happier you.


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