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Puffy eyes and a red nose after crying? Here are some techniques to get rid of them in an instant!

With a swollen face, a pair of puffy eyes, and a bright red nose, it’s easy for folks to guess that you just bawled your eyes out. There are people, like actors and actresses, who research how to make themselves cry, but most of us regular humans don’t want to broadcast that we’ve been stressed enough to shed some precious tears.

Swollen eyes from weeping are hard to miss. If you’ve been crying a river, they can be quite uncomfortable, too. Plus, the effects of crying can last a few minutes or stretch to a few hours. Luckily, there are things you can do to advance the process of eliminating those puffed up crying peepers.

A 10-minute trick for swollen eyes 

In a hurry? Place your fingers in icy-cold water or on some ice cubes, then start pressing down on the skin at the inner corners of your eyes until you reach the outer edges. Repeat to drain the fluid and puffiness, and if you can, use an eye serum with yeast extracts to smoothen the area more.

Now, to wash away those red eyes, use one to two drops of over-the-counter drops for each eye. Lastly, grab a yellow-tinted concealer to cancel out the redness of your nose, as well as other parts of your face that are flushed, and finish it off with a face mist. Don’t use foundation or powder, especially if you’ve got irritated skin from all the nose-blowing. All that excess makeup will only look cakey.

Get rid of red eyes from an all-night crying session

To tamper down swelling, splatter cold water all over your face. Then, grab a washcloth, wrap a pack of frozen peas inside it (this is better at contouring to your facial shape than an ice pack), and hold that pack over your face for about 15 minutes.

After that, take care of those puffy eyes. Immerse green tea bags in icy water for around three to five minutes before squeezing out the excess water and resting them on your closed eyelids for 10 minutes. The tea’s catechins have an antioxidant effect that can compress the blood vessels beneath the skin and deflate the lingering puffiness.

If you’re still red, place cold cucumber or potato slices on each of your eyes. Cucumbers hold powerful antioxidants that decrease irritation, while potatoes contain catecholase, a skin-lightening enzyme. Either of them will reduce swelling, but beginning with the cucumber and following up with the potato five minutes later will help in depuffing and brightening the eye area.

Any residual redness or puffiness should recede as you sleep. During this time, prop your head up on a firm pillow to stop any extra fluid from pooling in your face. If you take all measures, those crying eyes will be gone by daybreak!

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