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Laughter Is The Best Medicine For your Mental Health – It’s No Joke!

The next time you break into peals of laughter because someone cracked a funny joke and make yourself feel guilty because you’re in a public place – you better think again! Sometimes the world’s most hilarious joke might not make you laugh but bring a smile to your face, and that’s something worth appreciating. Humor, wit, and simple fun lighten the mood in varied ways. Over the years, considerable development has occurred in this field of how laughter can be a wonderful and therapeutic medicine. No wonder the findings have surprised most researchers. Here’s taking a sneak peek into the advantages of ‘guffawing and giggling’ for now and for the future.

Relief From Stress

You are likely to find a cure for almost all major ailments if you surround yourself with people having a great sense of humor. The body releases cortisol when stress engulfs us. After all, the stress hormone cortisol does play an important role inside the body. Reducing inflammation to managing metabolism and blood sugar levels activates the body’s fight or flight response at crucial times. Laughing helps regulate the cortisol levels in the body. It increases your oxygen intake stimulates the body’s circulation process, decreasing cortisol levels. Studies seven prove how laughing can positively affect the body without infusing wit and humor.

Body Relaxation

Muscles usually tense up when stress occurs. Laughing can relax muscles of add-on stress for no less than 40 to 45 minutes. And since several notches stimulate circulation. You can try incorporating even 15 minutes every day to indulge in something that helps you laugh. If nothing strikes as funny, try a forced laugh, and the results might surprise you! Find yourself some self-care and pampering routine that worlds best for you.

Immune System Is Benefited

Not just a ‘quick pick-me-up,’ but laughter can be used for long-term benefits. Usually, negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that significantly affect the body. In other words, immunity is decreased too. In contrast, positive thoughts release neuropeptides that fight stress and even serious illnesses. As stressed earlier, body pain reduces after producing its natural painkillers, which can only occur with laughter.

Burns Calories

Sounds weird? Not that it’s a substitute for going to a gym, but studies have shown how laughing for 15 or 20 minutes every day can burn no less than 40 calories approximately! But why not begin with laughing? If weight loss seems to be a priority for you, plan out how to lose three or four pounds within a complete year. Of course, you need to include workouts and follow a proper diet to get the results quickly.

Eases Off Depression

It’s not unnatural for people trying to fight depression for a long time not to feel joy and mirth over anything. Thankfully, some depressed people can still laugh, which works as a remedy. Psychologists and medical practitioners have emphasized the effectiveness of laughter as a viable treatment in several depression centers, at least on the connection between the mind and the body. Since laughter imparts a feel-good hormone and enhances physical improvements, in the form of better sleep, better blood flow, and more- naturally, the mood is uplifted too.

Smartness Is Two Steps Away

No movie is a dumb comedy! Silly movies, farce, and humor all carry deep-rooted meanings and implications if you see from the standpoint of bettering your health. These movies help make connections between ‘disparate’ pieces of information. In reality, the capacity to form connections between bits and pieces of information is one of the best ways to detect intelligence. So there should be no doubt that the more you laugh, the smarter you get!

Many studies and research have been underway to study laughter and humor in greater detail in the last few years. Not that everyone needs to enroll in a short-term or long-term course to understand better the activity called laughter. You need to figure out how much you’ve benefited when you laugh. And you can achieve that through observational learning. You can join a laughing club to start reaping the benefits if you want.

While the change might be slightly difficult in the initial days, you might notice how your stress levels continue to go down over the days. We hope you found the blog useful. Do let us know your thoughts and experiences with laughter therapy in the comments section!

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