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You Won’t Believe That Paula Abdul Is Secretly Suffering from This Condition

Apart from being a former judge of the ‘American Idol,’ Paula Abdul is known for being a performer whose career was built on dance moves that made her stand out from the rest. However, this profession also came with a price since the celebrity suffered a couple of injuries over the years.


While minor injuries are unfortunately quite common among dancers (not to derail you in pursuing your dreams), Paula noticed that something was amiss in her body about five years ago. This wasn’t a typical sore or strain she was feeling, rather she knew that there was something wrong.

S_bukley/DepositPhotos — Years ago, Paula felt a strange kind of pain

The singer noticed that she was experiencing pain in her joints when she rehearsed or worked out – what’s worrying was that she had never felt this strange sensation before. Apparently, Paula had osteoarthritis, which causes pain and stiffness.

It may sound scary but Paul actually found the diagnosis relieving since she knew that she wasn’t just imagining that there was pain. However, what she did wish is that she could have known about this condition earlier.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, osteoarthritis is the most common kind of arthritis and many people suffer from this degenerative joint disease. In fact, the agency estimates that about 3.5 million Americans are affected by the condition.

Motortion/DepositPhotos — Osteoarthritis is quite common

Mayo Clinic explained that its symptoms can be managed, however, the damage couldn’t be fixed. A person suffering from osteoarthritis can also slow the progression down by keeping a healthy weight and undergoing medications.

Paula Abdul’s Solution

As for Paula, she uses a gel to ease the pain. She applies it on her knees, joints, and ankles whenever these hurt.

She is quite determined to make sure that the pain doesn’t keep her down. Moreover, Paula is also encouraging others with the same condition to remain active, as what experts have advised.

The 58-year-old spices up her exercise routine by adding virtual Zumba classes and low-impact strength moves. Paula also has a mindset that’s worth emulating – every time she wakes up, she tries to think about what can make her happy for that day.

Milkos/DepositPhotos — Paula meditates as well

She would sing at the top of her lungs just because, adding that she would choose songs from different artists like Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, or Stevie Wonder. Indeed, Paula’s habit of trying to find things that make her happy is one way to keep a person’s mental health in check as well.

That’s not all – ‘The X Factor’ star also meditates, which is also a great way to reflect. Interestingly, Paula is also staying quite positive amid the pandemic. The global health threat postponed her ‘Forever Your Girl’ Las Vegas residency.

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