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The Shocking Truth about His Struggles: Ed Sheeran Opens About The Pitfalls of Fame

Musicians are living the sweet life: earning big and touring the world sounds like the dream. However, all these come with disadvantages, as what Ed Sheeran experienced many years ago when he struggled with many challenges as he was traveling around the globe to meet his fans.

Way back 2015, the Grammy winner was at the height of his career, wowing crowds in so many countries and gaining recognition after recognition. However, behind the flashing lights, the loud applause, and the satisfied concertgoers was a singer who was having a hard time with his unhealthy lifestyle.

Yakub88/Shutterstock — Ed is a Grammy winner who struggled with binge-eating

His routine became the most unideal – Ed revealed in an interview for Hay House Chasing the Present Summit that he used to just drink and stay up all night and would stay asleep during the day. He further narrated that tour buses would essentially park under arenas and he would go to Dreamland in the morning, wake up to do the show, and drink again.

For four months, the highly celebrated singer followed this routine and hence, he didn’t see sunlight, which is a good source of vitamin D. All these unhealthy habits were paired with a bad diet and a lack of exercise.

While everything seems to be fun and games at the start, the ‘Thinking of Your’ hitmaker spiraled down and began feeling sad. Ed touts this as the lowest he has ever been.


His problems, Ed believes, were due to his personality. He went on to say that he sees some of his behaviors in Elton John because after the 29-year-old read the veteran musician’s book, he noticed how they had similarities in the obstacles they faced.

The ‘Shape of You’ singer admitted that moderation is the key for people like him but it was easier said than done. For instance, when he drinks wine, he sees no point in just having a glass, instead he would have two bottles of it.

Macondo/Shutterstock — A glass of wine wasn’t enough for Ed

Ed also opened up about how he struggled with food, sharing that he used to be called ‘two-dinner Teddy’ because he would order two meals just for himself. He realized that the more he consumed the bad things, the better he thought he felt but as it turned out, these were the worst stuff for him.


Thankfully, Ed managed to get out of that zone and practiced moderation in everything he does. He also saw the value of exercising and spoke wonders about it, explaining that being active doesn’t just make you feel better but also look better.

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock — Ed joined his wife in running

Cherry Seaborn, his wife, was also instrumental in helping Ed stand up from that pit. Since she is health-conscious, it rubbed off on the singer who joined her in her runs.

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