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5 Things This “Health-obsessed” CEO Does To Keep Her Health In Check

Being a CEO is no easy job, yet Kara Goldin holds this position for Hint Water, a flavored water brand, while also hosting her podcast. On top of that, she also has four children!

When asked for her new year’s resolution, Kara said that she did not have anything huge planned since they are time-consuming and just overwhelming. Instead, she has opted to stay on the same routine that she already follows and hast only made slight changes to it.

Studies have found that few small goals are more achievable than massive ones that often lead nowhere. It has been a while since this year started, and Kara has already begun seeing improvements. Check out what she does to keep herself in optimum health!

Limits phone usage

The first thing many of us do every morning is to check our phones. Kara, however, has decided to dodge that. When she gets up, she uses her phone for only a limited amount of time to get updates about her work. Doing this keeps her in the loop while not being tempted to check it throughout the day. She is now trying to indulge in more family time by keeping her phone away in a separate room altogether when she is with them.

Eats the frog

One famous time management trick is to do the worst and most dreaded part of the day early on in the morning. Kara practices it religiously, but now, it’s just more health-related. As soon as the morning starts, she takes her dogs out for a run, which keeps her physically and mentally healthy.

Indulges on the real deal

Kara always starts her day with a smoothie that features fruits and vegetables. For the rest of the day, she gives herself enough freedom to eat whatever she wants. The only difference now is she avoids “fake-healthy” stuff. Basically, foods that seem healthy but are high in sugar.

Accepts changes 

It’s incredible how we can shift a daily task for another day if it does not get done on time. The stunning millionaire has decided to do the same thing. Instead of punishing herself in case something does not get completed, she is lenient on herself and makes necessary adjustments to do that task later on.

Uses creativity as a booster

It is often considered unhealthy to bring work at home. But sometimes, it is necessary and cannot be avoided. Kara has come up with an excellent solution for this. She gives herself some quiet time for thinking and mind mapping after dinner when she is the most relaxed. Hence, she can come up with innovative ideas and better plans!

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