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When and How to Start Your Anti-Aging Routine

Wrinkles and other signs of skin aging is the top of the line worry for most women. As the old saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure,” so it also goes with facial skincare. Daily, your skin is prone to damages due to air pollution and prolonged sun exposure. And some of your make-up and skincare products also contribute to skin irritation and aging, especially when it does not compliment your skin type. Then what could be the best anti-aging routine for you? And when is the best time for you to start with an anti-aging regimen?

What is the Best Age to Start with an Anti-Aging Regimen?

A lot of skincare professionals argue with the starting year for an anti-aging routine. Some would say it’s best to start in the early ’20s, and some would also say in the mid-’20s. But age wouldn’t matter. Age is an essential number in statistics, but the body age would state differently. For example, a person’s age could be in the mid-’30s, but because of her unique lifestyle, having a daily dose of exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet, her body age will result in five to ten years younger. Some other cases will be the other way around. So what does this mean?

Fitness and healthcare professionals agree that our body has an age different from our birth age. So does our skin. It’s safe to say that you can start to apply for the said regimen either in your early 20’s or in your mid 20’s. Another way to know your starting point is by observing. Observe any signs of skin aging when you are doing your basic skincare routines such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Also note that it is never too late to start the process, in case you are in your 30’s or 40’s and above.

Invest in Eye Creams

woman-in-gray-bathrobe-poutingSince we want to get rid of those fine lines around our eyes and lessen the visible wrinkles, eye cream is our aid. The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive for damages because it has a thin layer of skin that ages faster than any other area in our face. It is also less elastic, making it hard to rejuvenate this area. Eye creams help the skin to stay hydrated and renew skin cells, which revive tired eyes.

Using eye creams is mostly night time because it is when your whole body regenerates. Apply it generally under your eyes and gently spread sidewards out to the side of the eyes. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses as another layer of eye protection during the daytime. Lastly, skip sleep deprivation because it majorly contributes to saggy eyes.

Exfoliate to Deeply Cleanse Your Skin

A daily skincare routine can gently sweep away dirt, residue, and excess oil. But ever wonder why you feel like it wasn’t enough? Facial cleanser indeed washes away sweat and dirt. But our skin is continuously renewing, leaving layers of dead skin cells on the surface. And only through exfoliating can you remove these dead cells that contain pigments that produce age spots. It helps to unclog and minimize pores and allows the skin to produce natural levels of oils. Exfoliate your skin by only using your fingertips or a clean brush/scrub. Gently massage your face in a circular motion with light pressure and avoid the eye area. Let it sit in a few minutes or as directed by your product instructions. Rinse it with lukewarm water and pat dry your face with a clean towel.

Your Choice of Pillowcase can Prevent Skin Aging Too!

close-up-photography-of-woman-sleepingStudies show that there is another form of skin damage called “skin wrinkles.” This happens from the wrong choice of pillowcases and beddings. Because we are not alert and aware of our sleeping position, our face is pressed against our pillow and form some sleep lines. Some skincare professionals warn that it could be a permanent wrinkle. And so they are also advising the use of silk pillowcase to prevent possible skin wrinkles. Aside from that, it could also give you well-rested and glowing skin.

Anti-aging mentioned won’t be effective without the support of a good and healthy lifestyle. As you continue to love and protect your skin from external elements, also love and protect yourself from any kind of stress. Remember, staying positive and happy is the best way to preserve a youthful look.

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