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The Anti-Aging Benefits of Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) And Why You Need It in Your Diet.

The K-beauty revolution introduced us to new routines, products, brands, and even ingredients a few years ago. Among them, the one product that revolutionized the skincare industry and brought relief to sensitive, dry, and redness-prone skin is Gotu Kola. Gotu kola, also popular as Asian grass or tiger grass, is one of the newest skincare ingredients you must include in your beauty routine.

The West has been recently led into the secret of cornucopia and its anti-aging benefits. Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) is a herb used regularly in Asia for its multiple benefits for the skin. The green beauty industry is also using it for various formulations for its antioxidative power and skin-tightening collagen synthesis.

It Has Skin Tightening Benefits

Research says that Gotu kola has greater skin tightening benefits than even vitamin C, and it has compounds that can help retain youthful qualities of the skin. Gotu Kola also offers various tightening benefits as it helps stimulate collagen more than vitamin C.

Stimulating collagen can restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity as it amps up the antioxidant power to reduce UV exposure and free radical damage. The blend includes triterpenes such as Asiatic Acid, Madecassic Acid, and Asiaticoside, which lend to stimulating collagen synthesis for tissue regeneration and even provide more antioxidant benefits.

The high antioxidant values of Gotu kola help it retain the youthful appearance of the skin, as oxidative damage from UV exposure is one of the chief reasons for reducing the free radical damage caused by sun exposure affecting the collagen and elastin structures of the skin. The flavonoids found in Centella reduce the photooxidative stress that reduces skin damage. Protecting collagen structures can help preserve your skin firmness, and Gotu Kola acts as a great ally to keep your skin looking resilient and youthful.

It Nurtures Skin From Within

This is a holistic treatment that you can include as a supplement to reap its full benefits. It is also a Nutricosmetic, food, or supplement that you can ingest to enhance the skin’s beauty. After all, beauty is not completely skin deep. You also need to add the right nutritional changes to your diet to get gorgeous skin.

Another benefit that Gotu kola is most definitely known for is its ability to improve blood circulation. This is what switches the radiance from beneath and reverses aging. This may speed up the skin’s healing process, and it helps bid adieu to reduce pimple scars and blemishes. Besides that, it also helps treat varicose veins, broken capillaries, and stubborn cellulite.

Lends Luminosity to the Skin

Apart from its properties to soothe and repair the irritated and inflamed outer layer of the skin. It is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin prone to redness and acne. Besides that, it can improve moisture levels in the body, especially in the upper layer of skin tissue. It is also effective in preventing water loss, increasing circulation, and giving your skin a hard-to-beat luminosity. Apart from this, it also fosters cell repair.

The Ayurvedic Perspective on Gotu Kola

As per the Eastern understanding, the ancient holistic health balancing system of Ayurveda outlines three energy principles (doshas) that mean Vata, air, and space. Pitta, meaning fire & water, Kapha: earth & water.

Every person has a certain dosha, and Ayurveda‘s main treatment can help balance the external factors that affect the body. While there are herbs that can balance specific doshas. Gotu Kola can balance all three doshas.

As per the classic Ayurvedic texts, Gotu Kola can impart a rosy hue to your countenance and help maintain perpetual youth. This is a leafy green beauty that is good for the body, mind, soul & skin. Chinese medicine even names it the “miracle elixirs of life.


Several skincare products include the soothing and antibacterial benefits found within this green herb. There are several, products such as  Dr. Jart +, a Korean beauty firm that launched Cicapair Tiger Grass, a gotu kola-based line of products. Other companies that include Gotu-kola-based products include Paula’s Choice, Kiehl’s, Bioderma, Lancôme, and several others in the pipeline. Gotu-kola is certainly changing the game for anti-aging skincare. What are you waiting for? Have you tried this wonder herb that claims to stop your aging clock? We are curious to know how it worked for you. So, don’t forget to drop a comment!

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