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Six Anti-Aging Habits That Are Good for Your Body Inside and Out!

In every society, there is always a standard of beauty, and because people glorify and normalize these standards, signs of aging like sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and gray hairs are unwelcome. Instead of slathering anti-aging creams and serums on your face and paying hefty sums for facials and treatments, there are other ways of becoming beautiful and promoting better health for your skin and body as a whole. And these only require discipline and willpower on your part — nothing more. Start with yourself and get rid of any unhealthy habits to curb the effects of aging. Here are six beneficial anti-aging habits that you should incorporate in your daily routine:

Apply Sunscreen Before Going Outside

Many people tend to neglect this little nugget of advice because they’re always on a rush to work. But applying sunscreen is a must because it protects our skin from UV rays and sun damage, not to mention, acts as an added protection to prevent skin cancer. If you don’t want wrinkly skin, sun spots, and increased possibility of skin cancer, buy a bottle of sun screen with SPF 50 to ensure that you’re well-protected from the harsh rays of the unforgiving sun. Moreover, if you’re planning to stay outside for a considerable amount of time, wear sunglasses and/or a hat for additional protection. Our eye area is delicate, and constant squinting will quicken the development of crow’s feet.

Reduce Coffee and Soda Intake and Stop Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking hastens the aging process. And did you know that pursing your lips whenever you smoke results in mouth wrinkles? That’s another reason to quit! On the other hand, coffee may have health benefits but it stains the teeth, making your pearly whites appear yellow. The large amount of sugar found in sodas and other sweet drinks erode the enamel of the teeth in the long run which increases the risk of cavities. You wouldn’t want an ugly smile, would you?

Avoid Long Hot Showers

Though it may be incredibly relaxing, especially after a stressful, exhausting day at work, long hot showers dry out your skin faster. To retain enough moisture in your skin to keep it plump, lessen the water temperature and make your shower sessions quick. Moreover, don’t stick your face directly under the stream of water as this is too harsh for your skin. When washing your face, splash your face with lukewarm water instead.

Hold Your Phone at Eye Level

The simple act of looking down at your phone may lead to what dermatologists call “tech-neck”. When you constantly look down to check your phone, the impact of gravity on your neck, lower face, and upper chest increases, resulting in sagging jowls. So, to prevent this, hold your device at eye level.

Sleep On Your Back

Ever heard of sleep wrinkles? This develops over time whenever you sleep on your side, pressing your face against the pillow night after night. Yes, the majority of us prefer sleeping on our sides as it’s more comfortable, but ideally, try sleeping on your back to prevent sleep wrinkles (it’s also good for your back!). If this position causes discomfort, invest and switch to silk pillows.

Drink Lots of Water

Fruit and vegetable smoothies or milk have a plethora of benefits, but nothing beats the powerful properties of water. Our skin contains around 30% water, and by drinking enough water daily, it will not only hydrate our skin but also make it appear plumper. Aside from that, it helps remove toxins from our body and aids in the circulation of blood in the capillaries of the skin, according to a study conducted in 2007. It is advisable to drink two liters of water a day to maintain your health.

Aside from these tips, there are many other anti-aging habits to incorporate in your life. It’s easy to complain about how old you look in the mirror, but it takes discipline to actually slow down the process of aging. Emulate these habits and do more research to find healthier ways to stay youthful inside and out. It doesn’t have to be something big and grand. Start with one or two changes in your routine and diet and gradually introduce more in the days and weeks to come.

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