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How To Prepare Your Anti-Aging Breakfast

Your day goes great when you eat healthy food and that certainly implies your breakfast should be a wholesome and nutritious one. A healthy breakfast makes you glow and even promotes longevity! While there’s no stopping aging, but with nutrient-dense foods, especially when you have more servings of veggies and fruits that are replete with anti-aging nutrients like Vitamin C, your vitality improves. Apart from these, you can also include whole grains like oatmeal and any lean protein source that would enhance the anti-aging process. Here’s how you can achieve your target.

Gulp A Green Smoothie

Think of green veggies like spinach and kale, and you can load your intake of essential vitamins and minerals. These veggies are usually the best bases for a smoothie. Since greens are known for their high content of fiber and B vitamins, you can expect signs of aging to reduce noticeably. Besides, you can prevent degenerative diseases too. For an instant effect, try blending few cups of greens with water, and then add two cups of fruits. For example, go for a green smoothie with pineapples, mangoes, and spinach. Additionally, you can include strawberries too.

Keep An Avocado

This is one fruit containing good doses of monosaturated fat which is known to keep the skin supple and hydrated. Generally, monosaturated fats assist the body to absorb nutrients from other foods too. As a result, avocados are the perfect choice for any anti-aging breakfast. You can try spreading the avocado on any well-toasted whole grain bread and serve with half a cup of grapefruit. Even green smoothies coupled with avocados work great for supplementing the diet with healthy fats.

Grapefruits Aid In Weight Loss

Not many might tell you this, but grapefruits can lower down the bad cholesterol levels in the body and increase good cholesterol levels. Besides, it’s linked with better insulin resistance, so the weight loss process is quick. Just be careful to ensure that grapefruits consumed with medications like Warfarin, can prove detrimental. It’s recommended you consult your doctor to ascertain if it’s safe for you to eat or drink grapefruits. If there’s no issue as such, try consuming half of a whole grapefruit for breakfast, accompanying with lean proteins, like chicken sausage or double egg omelets. Alternately, you can get a glass of fruit juice to propel your intake of Vitamin C.

Pomegranates Reduce Cardiac Arrests

Pomegranates being rich in essential nutrients can help prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also inflammatory diseases. Those who are battling heart-related concerns can expect to benefit by consuming pomegranates. Just add a glass of fresh juice, and alongside turkey bacon or avocado toast, you can enjoy a healthy, wholesome breakfast. Even your kale or spinach smoothie or bowl of oatmeal can turn more nutritious if you add a pomegranate.

Oranges While Being On The Go

Just in case you’re in a hurry, ensure you grab an orange while being on the go. They are packed with Vitamin C and can help in providing optimum hydration to your skin and cells. By consuming vitamin C, you can help the body to produce collagen faster and effectively. Whatever be your breakfast, just add a glass of orange juice to get that instant anti-aging effect. You can also take the fruit along, as a part of your portable breakfast. But keep the size to 4 oz. so that you can limit your intake of natural sugars.

Blueberries Are Great For Motor Skills

This is tiny fruit and packed with micronutrients to the core. Diets that contain blueberries are wonderful for lowering down cholesterol levels, decreasing signs of heart attacks, and improving memory function and motor skills. Just eat a cup or around 15 grams of blueberries about three to four times a week. You can add a handful to a bowl of Greek yogurt for a quick and hassle-free breakfast. Also, you can grab the whole-grain blueberry muffin if you’re ready for a working breakfast.

No matter what you consume, remember to make your diet a balanced one. From proteins and carbs to vitamins and minerals, there should be no dearth of nutrients in your intake. As long as that’s assured, you can expect to keep aging at bay!

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