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This Is What Paris Hilton Does Every Day to Keep Her Skin Wrinkle-Free

Paris Hilton is everywhere. The former model, actress, and businesswoman who became the queen of most hearts in the early 2000s are enjoying the spotlight. And it’s not because of some controversy, but she’s quite determined to re-define and revamp her looks. She’s grinding more than ever and that has truly paid off. From working in her mock cooking show streaming on Netflix to working along with a few legislators for developing a bill of rights meant for the youth to even getting married  – there has been no stopping her. The star has spilled out some quick beauty secrets for the world to know when asked about her evergreen appearance  – and yes, we must be thankful for that.

Morning Shows The Day

Paris usually wakes by 7 in the morning and finishes off with the usual chores, like checking work emails and the schedule for the day. Highly obsessed with skincare, she follows up on the routine dedicatedly. She uses multiple skin products, each aimed at solving different problem areas. Coupled with that are beauty gadgets (like FOREO) that she implements alongside the products. Naturally, it is time-consuming.

Leisurely Breakfasts To Keep Her Going

Breakfasts keep changing, depending on her needs and what the schedule looks like. So, if it’s something sweet, French toast works fine. But since health assumes priority, she takes into account several superfood recommendations that expose her to a land of goodness! A smoothie is the best thing to resort to, and then she puts all such supplements that scream health. For the most part, her juices are celery and smoothies contain strawberries, goji berries, bananas, and of course Viome supplements.

What’s Inside The Beauty Bag?

Hilton looks charming in her 40s. Of course, it never came easy. There was immensely hard work. However, she confesses to wearing no makeup and keeping it all natural, at least when not working. Her signature look is best described as a ‘business boss babe’! That’s like adorning lots of bronze highlights and cat wing eyeliner.

In the cosmetics line, U Beauty is her personal favorite. The new products like immortal jellyfish, or ‘The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment’ work like magic. Added to these are Dr. Barbara Sturm and ToGoSpa, which offers those magical under-eye patches. Also, she added another quick thing that seldom people care about. The future of beauty products is all about being healthy from the inside out. So, lathering these wonder items would make zero sense if the signs of inflammation and aging aren’t cured from within.

Getting the right nutrition, and relying on essential supplements and food recommendations have helped her and will continue doing so if she sticks to the same. Also, for stress and sleeping, she prefers ‘R3SET’, supplements she swears by. In the hair department, she’s all for Olaplex and Kerastase. She being in the tinsel town, her hair undergoes a lot. Hence, getting as many deep conditioning treatments as possible has helped her greatly. Even when she doesn’t work, sleeping in the Olaplex deep conditioning mask keeps her mane perfectly moisturized.

Smell Good… Feel Good

For the beauty who follows her icon Marilyn Monroe to the T, smelling good is at the top of her list. Close to releasing the 30th, she owns 29 fragrances! There’s no specific signature scent since she’s in love with all of them. However, her newest crush – ‘Ruby Rush’ is gorgeous! Now that can’t be worn always, for it depends upon what kind of mood she is in, where she is heading to, the time of the day, and so on.

Quick Fixes To Attract The Feel-Good-Vibes

Paris is a night owl. Going to bed early is a distant dream for her. When she has to wake up early, the shuteye never comes before 10 pm, or else she’s awake till 3 in the morning! Since she’s working almost all the time – so working out is also next to impossible for her. There’s a wellness center she got built at her home, which also has a cryotherapy machine and a hyperbaric chamber. These work too well for her. And of course, there are random walks with her furry friend in the mountains or occasionally, skiing, surfing, and hiking that she catches up with, to offer the much-needed ‘feel-good’ fix.

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