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Natural Ingredients That Can Actually Help You Get Rid of Wrinkles

The human body is destined for growing and aging. As we age, our skin ages too. Researchers and professionals are trying their best to find a solution that is natural and available to slow the process of aging. As you might be searching for natural anti-aging ingredients, here are five natural ingredients with anti-wrinkle potential that will slow the process of aging.

Coffee Cherries

Coffee cherry is a by-product of coffee production. A company named Sanam of Colombia has partnered with Flora Reserve which is based in the United States, to launch their anti-wrinkle ingredient Noax Derma in the Market. It is said that this ingredient has a huge potential in the beauty industry.

Noax Derma, an anti-oxidant which is an extract of the coffee cherry, normally is eliminated, but it has the properties of protecting from the blue light and slowing the process of aging. It is derived from a pulp of the fruit. Avila claims that Noax Derma will be used in personal care products such as Creams and serums.

According to the Research, Noax Derma has 80% to 90% more anti-aging properties than other fruits such as Pomegranates, Blueberries, and grapes. It also has 5 times more polyphenols than grapes and green tea.

Snail eggs

Another source of anti-aging is snail eggs. According to a research team consisting of experts from Spain and France, an extract of eggs of Snail can be a skin’s stem cell-focusing anti-oxidant. That anti-aging ingredient is known as IFC-CAF. This ingredient will protect the genetic material of a skin cell.

The research team found out that the aging process reduces the speed of skin functionalities, which can be improved by giving the anti-oxidants at the right time to the skin. Garden Snails secrete a chemical that has beneficial effects on the skin. This secretion can be applied topically to improve skin integrity, reverse the signs of aging, and speed up healing from wounds and skin repair following radiation exposure.

Red Palm Fruit

Palm oil is made by Red palm fruit, but it can also have other benefits like skin repair. A research team of Thailand has researched that The Red Palm Fruit extract has some amazing anti-aging properties. According to them, Red Pam fruit extract is itself an anti-aging ingredient and they made a day and night cream by doing a cold extraction.

68 Thai women (aged between 25 to 50) tested both the day and night cream and no significant irritation was found. The team found a 9% and 5% increase in water accumulation in the creams and a 15% and 9% decrease in water loss. Additionally, there was a 45% increase in elasticity and a 15-20% decrease in skin melanin content. They concluded that red palm extract in an SLN carrier is a usable candidate for anti-aging ingredients.

Grape Seed Extract

The encapsulated grape seed oil has anti-aging properties and can be used as an anti-oxidant. A team consisting of researchers from China and the USA are of the opinion that the best way to use Grape seed extract as an Anti-oxidant is encapsulation.

They said that the encapsulation of pigmented beauty ingredients in polymeric nanoparticles can make the ingredient viable and active at a lower concentration, and it will decrease the color in the formula.

They encapsulate the grape seed extract with the liposomes and micelles and made it a more soluble and light-colored ingredient. The ingredient activated the production of collagen and elastin, protected the skin from UVB rays, brightened the skin tone, and reduced the production of melanin along with other advantages.

By-product of Wine

There is growing interest among consumers in the potential health benefits of wine. However, what many people don’t realize is that wine production also creates waste that could be used to produce useful cosmetic ingredients. A team of researchers from Lebanon and Italy explored this possibility and found that phenolic compounds present in wine waste could be used to create cosmetics with antioxidant, antiaging, and other positive effects.

Wine pomace has the properties to protect the cells, fibroblasts, and keratinocytes. Research has been conducted on the anti-aging effects of both white and red grapes. White and red grapes were found to fight elastase activity, a component of skin aging. Other types of grape pomace showed inhibition of both elastase and collagenase enzymes, which gives it potential as a source of anti-aging bioactive elements.

If you know of any other natural ingredient that has anti-aging properties, let us know by commenting.

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