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Are Maple Leaves The Next Big Thing In Anti-Aging Skincare?

There are so many little things in our surroundings that we tend to overlook but have the potential to bring about changes in our lives. A maple leaf is one such stuff that is deemed as the next big thing in anti-aging skincare. As the years go by, signs of aging become prominent, and that’s why addressing those wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark spots become imperative. There are ample chemical formulations and high-tech compounds available at your fingertips in case you need to combat aging. But maple leaf extract is expected to be the next superstar in the skincare industry as this nature’s gift has already proven its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and every other sign of aging.

Maple Leaves Can Work Wonders

Recently, a group of researchers at the prestigious University of Rhode Island came up with some intriguing findings. During a study, they discovered that red maple leaf extracts may be used in doing away with the signs of aging.

They claimed that the ‘inhibitory effects of the glucitol core, which contains gallotannins (commonly found in red maple leaves) can protect the elastin, the compound which keeps your skin smooth and youthful.

In addition to that, a popular researcher named Hang Ma revealed that maple leaf extracts could impede the growth of elastase, an enzyme that is the main reason behind elastin breakdown.

Maple Leaves Protect Elastin

Wrinkles are generally caused by loss of collagen, elasticity, and fat in the lower strata of your skin. If you can protect the elastic fibers, you can preserve the foundation of your skin and prevent the development of wrinkles. Red maple leaf extract guards the skin’s elastin as we grow older.

Gallotannins are a class of molecules commonly found in the maple leaf it is anti-inflammatory and can also lighten the dark spots. But before you decide to incorporate maple syrup into your skincare routine, you must know that all kinds of research are still in the preliminary stage and it would be too early to jump to any conclusion.

Researchers are yet to conduct a trial on humans and it could take them around more than a year to get this underway.

Maple Leaves: An Alternative To Botox?

Researchers are already looking at the prospects of bringing it to mainstream skincare, stating that maple leaf extracts can prove to be an alternative to Botox. In this procedure, the skin is kept strong and supple to prevent wrinkling and repair the wrinkles that are brought about by the incessant movement of the muscles.

The underlying muscles are brought into relaxation through the implementation of neurotoxins such as Dysport and Botox. Maple leaf extract is a topical solution that might prove to be indispensable in maintaining the skin’s elasticity. But maple leaves extract might not prove to be effective in getting rid of wrinkles formed on the skin by recurrent facial expressions.

If researchers succeed in proving its effectiveness in comprehensive skincare, it would be a wonderful addition to the anti-aging skin care solutions we already have.

Red Maple Leaves: Commercialization Prospects

Researchers are trying hard to convert maple leaf extracts into skincare products and have developed a formulation from maple leaves as well as maple sap, known as ‘Maplifa’, which can be obtained from a botanical products supplier.

The aim is to seek out a sizeable target market for maple leaf extracts in the cosmetic products industry as well as in the dietary supplements market. In case the product makes its way into the market, it would be an added advantage for the US cosmetics and botanical industry as these trees are quite common in the country.

Many botanical extracts are imported from China, the Mediterranean, and India, but as a matter of fact, red maple and sugar maple are only found in the eastern zones of North America.

Whether or not maple leaves can become the next big thing in the anti-aging skincare market is still not very clear. However, since researchers are at work, and some benefits of maple leaves have already been proven, we can of course expect all the good things to happen. Let’s hope that the humble maple leaf will find its way to making it big in the beauty industry!

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