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Makeup Hacks To Hide A Double Chin

Many consider a double chin not just a flaw but a mark on their face that ruins their perfect pictures and causes insecurities. While weight can be a factor leading to the formation of a double chin, it can also be rooted in genetics or face shape. However, why should you beat yourself up and spend a ton of money on surgery when you can just control it? Makeup offers a rather cheaper substitute for surgeries. While it is, admittedly, only a short-term fix, cosmetics can give you the flawless, glam look that gives you confidence in yourself. Here are a few ways to manage your features like a pro:

Highlight your jawline

SHALMALI TOTADE/ SHUTTER STOCK | Just as you have enhanced your facial features like the cheeks, eyes, and lips, another cheat trick is to try and clearly define your jawline

Your double chin will be less noticeable if you accentuate your jawline. In the same way that you have distinguished your cheekbones, eyes, and lips, another hack is to attempt to enhance your jawline. How? Apply bronzer. Cross it over your jawline. Choose a gold-toned bronzer if you have a wheatish or dark complexion. Choose a bronzer with a rose undertone if your complexion is fair.

Avoid Shimmers

Always choose matte-textured contour or bronzer over shimmering-textured products since they tend to accentuate the double chin instead of minimizing it. You may use creamy-textured contour makeup, which will settle for matte products with simplicity. You can even use foundation as a contour.

Highlight the neckline

Needhi Dhoker/ Sugar | Makeup does not just enhance our beauty, but it also helps to hide some flaws

The goal of highlighting the neckline is similar to that of highlighting the jawline: to draw attention to the neck rather than the chin. Using a highlighter and blending them correctly helps make the neckline and collarbone look very natural. Take time to consider the highlighter’s tone. How? Find the ideal shade to shape your face slowly. To highlight the shadows when contouring, you must use a darker shade. Always go two shades darker to avoid having a patchy appearance.

Ensure proper blending

It is advised that all makeup be well blended; therefore, establishing a smooth base is crucial. The sides of your neck and jaw should look thinner than your chin and the center of your neck. The key is blending. To ensure the most natural and smooth finish, blend. To blend and help in producing a lovely brush finish. You can also use your foundation and go over the necessary product without adding any additional products.

Make a line

Kratika/ Life Berry | Makeup is a magic wand that can tackle all your woes in a jiffy

Although it seems straightforward, there’s a little more to it than just coloring. The majority of celebrity makeup artists typically use this technique. Draw a narrow line with the specific product behind your ears and up to your jawline. Then, using a buffing brush, form a shadow by blending it down toward your neck. then use a powder bronzer to enhance the cream product so that it stays in place longer. To achieve the most natural appearance, blend. It is advised to use a creamier-textured contouring product so everyone can believe you have a chiseled jawline, thanks to your deception. 

The lipstick shade

The shade of lipstick you choose for your look has a significant impact on how you look. Your lipstick color and tone greatly affect how your chin looks to the rest of the world. Consider wearing brighter, bolder colors like maroon, dark red, and brown to prevent drawing attention to your double chin. If bright hues aren’t your flavor, try shimmering lip glosses. The key objective is to get them to look at your gorgeous lips instead of your double chin.

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