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How To Look Younger After Menopause

With age comes maturity, confidence, and an amazing sense of independence. But aging and hormonal balance are somewhat inversely proportional to each other! Women undergoing menopause battle through a lot. Mentally, physically they are quite distraught. And why won’t they? Imagine the impact the lower levels of estrogen can have on your skin. From thinning hair to wrinkling, prominent sagging, and more- more skin-related issues can pose a plethora of mental disturbances among women. The good thing is all such aging-related issues can be looked after, and that too as per specific skin requirements if you follow some basic steps.

Cleaning Is The Key

As you age, there’s nothing more important than basic cleansing. The skin is susceptible to dryness with age, so you need to particularly pay attention to moisturizing. But that’s not possible if you don’t use the right cleanser for drier skin. Ensure you choose a creamy formula that offers extreme hydration to the skin, rather than a mere gel or foam-based cleanser. The latter usually strip off the moisture from the skin, making them suitable options for oilier skin types.

Concentrate On Hydration

Menopause leads to drier skin, just because the oil glands are no longer as active as before.  Since natural oil production is already affected, hence it becomes an add-on duty to keep the skin moisturized and laden at all times. If that means the periodic application of heavier creams, replete with retinol, hyaluronic acid, and other vital components, then that’s the way to go about it. Also, avoiding long, hot showers is recommended, since the skin will lose out on its natural moisture content. Besides this, don’t forget to lather the skin with a good quality body lotion or moisturizer when the skin stays damp. This absorbs the moisture better and boosts hydration.

No Skipping Out On The SPF

The amount of sun you got in your 20s, 30s, and even 40s paves the ground for how much the skin will likely be wrinkled in the long run. Of course, you need to start protecting your skin early on, but that no way means you won’t be vigilant in your 50s! Chances of skin cancer can’t be ruled out totally. During their younger days, women are often easy with their SPF levels and the frequency with which they must apply sunscreen. But after menopause, it’s a must to invest in a broad-spectrum SPF of preferably 40 or even higher, and wear that regularly, applying as frequently as needed.

Locate Those Spots

Age spots are usually prominent on the face, hands, and chest and can become quite obvious after menopause. As much as sunscreen is a must, you must also use a few exfoliating products. Owing to the skin’s natural tendency to secrete oils, often these spots stayed hidden. Try using products that shed away dead skin cells and the build-over, which imparts a typically dull, chapped, and flaky look to the skin. Even skin-lightening products can help fade out those spots. Be wary about toners, and stick to those that retain the evenness of the skin color.

Pay Special Attention To Hands

You’ll be surprised at how the hands will show the maximum after-effects of menopause. The back of your hands will lose out on natural collagen, and fat, and moisturize. This way, the veins protrude out and the skin looks far more wrinkled. Also, the skin appears bony and see-through! To minimize wrinkles, choose heavy moisturizers and hand creams that you can apply to your hands, whenever needed. If possible, use gloves while cooking, doing yard work, or doing any household chores. Additionally, try to wear long-sleeved clothes when moving out in the sun.

Create Balance

Negative stressors can produce a far-reaching impact on your physical appearance and mental well-being. Your skin will appear drier, lackluster, and even sensitive. These furthermore trigger ailments like psoriasis. Stress is an unavoidable aspect of our lives. The trick is not to escape such situations, but to create coping mechanisms timely. Don’t forget to indulge in a pampering bath and skincare routine. Try light cardio exercises, yoga, meditation, and all such stress-reduction techniques that faster relaxation and improve blood circulations, which eventually pump up the skin’s health.

Looking brighter, radiant, and gorgeous is a tough task, post-menopause. But there have been inspiring figures around, so why not take cues from them?

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