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Kind Science: Everything You Need to Know About the Age-Positive Beauty Line By Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is famous worldwide for her prolific hosting and being a media personality par excellence. Little did we know that she has expanded her entrepreneurial role and carved an equally successful career. Not that we are surprised, for the superwoman can pull off anything!

Kind Science Is All About Aging Positively

DeGeneres has focused on aging positively that defines her products mainly. Her venture Kind Science is a much-talked-about skincare brand that looks into aging and addresses concerns like wrinkles, rough patches, skin discoloration, and more. However, she’s not the only one to have pursued this dream of coming up with a skincare brand that does wonders for aging.

Alongside her, Victoria Jackson is the co-founder. Together, they came up with what they call the ‘real solution’ that addresses multifarious skin concerns, regardless of any skin type. Results-wise, most people have benefited, and that too being kind to the animals and the planet in general.

It Was Victoria’s Vision

Kind Science is the dream of Ellen and the vision of Victoria. The brand’s vision is that one would deserve absolute skincare without having to make any compromise. What sets the brand different from most others is that it’s not one-dimensional, rather a combination of various things. Each product has been uniquely developed, which used only ‘globally sourced, curated ingredients’ to deal with primary skin concerns. No one key ingredient dominates the products. The blending of active ingredients and in good numbers and levels penetrate deep within the skin to perform since the first application itself.

Apart from formula efficacy, the products are popular for ‘skin-loving textures.’ In other words, lightness and layering lie at the very pivot of the products’ development. Users will be more than happy to layer up when using these light-textured products that work on the skin well. Instead of weighing down the skin or making it feel greasy, the products get well absorbed.

An Anti-Aging Skincare Line With Zero Chemicals

A chief USP of the brand is that it doesn’t resort to harsh chemicals in the name of product performance. There are no dyes, no added fragrances, or artificial ingredients that would irritate the skin. Besides, all the products are vegan or vegetarian.

The best part about Ellen’s Kind Science is an ‘age-positive approach’ that the products scream! The co-founders don’t believe in anti-aging. The taboo and shame associated with aging make no sense. So they have embraced aging. Being age-positive via skincare is all about bringing the best skin, no matter what the age! Also, there’s no exclusivity but inclusivity. The products are ideal for all skin types, and one can use them together with other products.

The concept of ‘kind’ has attracted many followers toll now. The company is open to suggestions and encourages users and brand reviewers to develop ideas that would help the makers evolve the formulations and sustainable efforts. Being ‘skin kind’ is all about combining those skin ingredients that wouldn’t irritate. Being ‘animal kind’ implies the brand hasn’t resorted to unfair means or performed animal tests after developing the product. Alongside, the brand promises to be ‘eco kind,’ meaning that only environmentally safe items went into the making of all such products.

Positivity Is The Key

Kind Science radiates positivity. It has combined kindness with science and thereby looks forward to testing innovation in the lab. This way, the products fulfill the need to adhere to science.

Ellen looks amazing even to this day and that is because she takes care of her skin well. With age, she noticed that the skin got dry and needed something gentler. So she took the help of her friend Victoria Jackson, who’s an expert and beauty authority herself, and has been in this competitive business for more than three decades.

As the founder and CEO of the global brand itself, Victoria has revolutionized the brand after adopting a more natural approach to makeup. With time, she gained a fan following of more than 2 million loyal customers worldwide! She created the ‘no-make-up makeup’ movement, and that has been her formula for success.

Together with Victoria, Ellen’s dream Kind Science is a brand to watch out for. The mantra of Kind Science is “everything you need, nothing you don’t,” which truly resonates in the mind of all its loyal patrons and customers. Have you tried these products? Do let us know in the comments section!

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