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Is Jeff Bezos Secretly Investing In Silicon Valley’s Mysterious Anti-Aging Research Lab?

The community of businessmen and philanthropists from the Left Coast have been showing a lot of interest in how biotechnology can be applied to prevent aging in recent times. However, not many initiatives have actually succeeded in this process. Calico Labs and the Ellison Medical Foundation have spent a lump sum on researching how aging progresses. But neither of these two have been able to dig deep. A majority of the experts in this field have spent time figuring out the progression of aging to the later stages that are quite complex and involves cell and tissue dysfunction. But none quite tried to find out how the causes of this dysfunction can be addressed. Here is where Altos Labs, the latest bet from Silicon Valley on how to live forever, comes into the picture.

It Focuses On Biological Reprogramming Technology

Altos Labs is a new and ambitious anti-aging company set up in Silicon Valley. It has been formed with the vision and mission of helping people fight to age. It is said to be working on biological reprogramming technology, which deals with rejuvenating cells in the laboratory. According to some scientists, this technology could go a long way in revitalizing the bodies of animals, which would eventually lead to prolonged life in humans. The newly-formed company is on its way to set up several institutes in places such as San Diego, Cambridge, the United Kingdom, and Japan. It’s conducting a recruitment process to pick up scientists from various universities. Their job will be to research how cells age and the ways to reverse the aging process. Altos Labs is offering lavish salaries for that.

Former Amazon CEO Is Reportedly Funding The Lab

Sources have claimed that the former Amazon CEO and the richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos is one of those entrepreneurs who have invested in the company. Already, comparisons are being made between Altos Labs and Calico Labs, the longevity company founded none other than by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. Calico is also known to have hired high-profile scientists and offered a handsome remuneration. However, the progress of the latter is questionable. Altos has taken on board some famous names from the world of names and the list includes the likes of Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a biologist from Spain. He hit the headlines when he carried out research mixing monkey and human embryos. Belmonte came up with a prediction that the lifespans in humans could go up by 50 years.

There Are Few More Big Names Too

Along with him on board is UCLA professor, Steve Horvath. He is considered to be the developer of the biological clock, which was designed to measure aging in humans accurately. The 2012 Nobel Prize co-winner, Shinya Yamanaka will be working as the chairman of the Altos Labs’ scientific advisory board as well as a senior scientist. He won’t be paid for his services though. Yamanaka confessed that there are plenty of hurdles that the team will have to overcome, but he agreed that is immense potential in this field and if things go the right way, Altos Labs can make history pretty soon.

Bezos Sees Huge Prospect

It’s not only Yamanaka and his team. Even Bezos believes that a lot can be achieved in this sphere. No wonder, a man with a net fortune of an estimated $200 billion has decided to put his money on it. There is a saying that young people dream to be rich and rich people dream to be young or something of that sort. This is truly a burning example of that. His closest competitor, Elon Musk is busy improving the autopilot features of Tesla. On the other hand, Bezos is allegedly taking part in a futuristic venture like this. For those of you who don’t know, Bezos had previously invested in Unity Biotechnology, an anti-aging entity. He never ceases to take interest in longevity research. But he is not alone, he has other names to give him company, including the Russian-Israeli entrepreneur, Yuri Milner. Yuri too is one of the investors of Altos Labs.

As of now, around $270 million has been raised as funds. Altos Labs has been receiving massive donations from people living in all corners of the world. The company has started its journey with a promise and the investors, including Bezos, are banking on it.

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