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Jane Seymour Is In Her 70s: How Does She Look So Radiant?

Right after Valentine’s Day, Jane turned 70 this year! In the 7th decade of her life, Jane said she still feels the same. The actress who seems to reverse aging added that it’s always wise to be as young as possible. And we know it’s no mean feat. Seymour was on the digital cover of New Beauty and looked splendid.

Early Skincare

In her interview, she continued saying how she savors whatever she’s now. She doesn’t have many regrets, but sometimes pines for the ‘younger version’ of herself. And by young, she meant her good old days – the young, beautiful girl who once lived in England, shrouded in clouds and rain for the most part.

She did not have the opportunity to bask in the sun! And when she does, she had cooking oil and a reflector board, during the usual vacation for a few weeks. The fact she had stopped sun-worshipping a long time back added to her luck, she feels.

The Skincare Routine

The 70-year old looks classy, flawless and her face exudes a typical youthful glow. That’s because of a mix of everything healthy, including daily walks on the beach, pilates, and vitamins. She had quite a lot to say about the ‘best anti-aging secret’ and what she thinks of facelifts. The spokeswoman for Crepe Erase, Jane’s statement on how having good skin is half the battle won, especially for not allowing the face to age, stands true.

According to her, using retinol at night, dabbing generous amounts of sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, is foremost in plumping the skin. She incorporates all these and a few more- whichever makes her feel healthy and diminishes usual signs of aging.

The No-Surgery Route

While the tinsel town certainly adds a lot of (unnecessary) pressure on actors, the mom that Jane is- she clear a misconception about facelifts and plastic surgery. Not that she feels getting a facelift is akin to a crime, but to date, she never felt the need to go under the knife to look flawless. She’s equally aware of different people who frequently opt for this technique for obvious benefits. All that she feels is that there would not be a complete transformation of the face but only results that would be adequate to enhance her look.

Jane stands notable for some of the most memorable characters she essayed onscreen in a diverse range of films like- Somewhere in Time, East of Eden, Live and Let Die, War and Remembrance, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Wedding Crashers, and so on. She was also in numerous hit television shows such as Medicine Woman, and Dr. Quinn to name a few. In all these years of her life, she certainly has made a place for herself in the entertainment world. And with that has won a massive fan base and numerous awards. The winner of two Golden Globe Awards, one Emmy Award, she also became the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Way back in 2000, she was also appointed as the Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

It is not every day that we find actors who’re not inclined to tuck their tummy fat or making slight tweaks here and there to their otherwise famous faces. After all, it’s their job to appear beautiful at all times. Most people have chosen to go for it and are more than thrilled with the end results.

Passion For Work

A former Bond girl, Seymour is grateful to God for she didn’t herself this successful as today. She claims to work for more hours than any other in her age bracket. She deliberately kept Meryl Streep as an exception to this rule, though she would happily contest for getting into business if any.

The charming lady knows she is capable of playing her own age. The challenge likes in being younger, and that’s something she has managed effectively onscreen. Alongside she can also rock the look of an old woman, using just a simple wig and lighting effects.

Life surely has its own tweaks and turns. Seymour said that there’s no room for complaints in her life. So she prefers seeing the path ahead of her and working towards that. For now, she’s more than glad to be alive! Everything else that comes after that is nothing but a bonus.

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