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The Most Inexpensive Way to Take Care of Your Skin! Try Ice Cubes for That Youthful Glow!

What if we told you that ice cubes are one of the most efficient ways to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing? Well, we think your answer will be not a chance or maybe an ice cube’s chance in the raging fire! But trust us, when we say this, ice cubes are the cool (literally so).

They help banish wrinkles, open pores, and all the other signs of aging you so want to get rid of but can’t! And it is the best-kept secret of top makeup artists who want to prime your skin well before applying the warpaint.

YouTube star Lisa Eldridge says that ice facials are her go-to perk up the skin of jet-lagged models. Add a few of your regular-go-tos green tea, milk, and caffeine with ice cubes, and you are all set to slay the toughest foes of your skin. Here are a few ways that the humble ice cubes straight from your freezer can help your skin.

For a Radiant Glow

Celebrity facialist Ole Henriksen can not do without ice cubes in his facial treatments. They increase skin circulation and give you an enviable glow.  Just brew and freeze your favorite tea green tea or the high in Vitamin C rosehip seed tea. Next just wrap the ice in a thin piece of cloth and rub it on your skin.

This ice-cube trick helps soak in the serum or moisturizer later. You can try this trick even when you apply face masks. It will help penetrate the nutrients of the face mask better.

Kate Moss has been endorsing the trick for years. She just submerges her face in a sink of ice water, and boom! The morning puffiness of her skin vanishes just like that.

Frozen Ice Cubs for High Cheekbones

If you are skeptical of the jolt that a bowl full of icy water may give you, there is another trick you can try.  Add vitamin A and ice together, and then dip a face cloth in this icy milk blend. Now press it lightly on your face for a few seconds. Repeat the same techniques five times to get that flushed look.

Or you can try the global beauty trend of freezing your milk. You can start working the milk cube from the center of the chin along the jawline right towards your earlobe. You can then take it towards the high crest of your cheekbones, the sensitive under-eye region, and also across your forehead. Try this massage for 5 minutes, and you will soon get the firming, contouring effect you are looking for.

Reduce Inflammation of the Skin

Adult acne is real. If you see angry cystic acne wreaking havoc over your skin, you can seek help from ice cubes once again. In this case, alternate between ice cube application and warm compresses. Repeat this procedure six times at least.

This will not only tame the inflammation but boost circulation as well. It is one of the most effective methods to clear your blemishes and cysts. The painful cystic acne can disappear in no time. However, if you suffer from specific skin problems such as redness or rosacea, ensure you do not apply something too hot or too cold on your skin.  You can try another trick of applying an ice cube to the roof of your mouth. It constricts blood vessels and tames your skin.

Say Good-Bye to Under-Eye Bags.

Your under-eye skin is a dead giveaway of your age. Don’t worry you can work your way with ice cubes, and it can be the perfect eye treatment for you. Use a cold compress and dip it into chamomile tea. Place it on your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Alternatively, you can wrap ice cubes in thin gauze and rub the cubes right from the inner eye corners and up in a circular movement. This will help drain out the extra fluid. Either way, the drainage of excess fluid improves the look of your weary eyes. There’s another way to soothe your puffy ice use iced coffee squares. The caffeine content constricts the swelling and gives your eyes a fresher appearance.

There you go. You don’t need to dig deep into your purse to buy expensive anti-aging products. Somedays something from your pantry or should we say the freezer can do the trick.

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